Yalova Thermal Springs from Istanbul

Yalova thermal springs from Istanbul are an opportunity to escape from the bustling metropolis to a luxurious natural spa complex located on the shores of the Sea of Marmara, just 80 km from Istanbul.

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Yalova Thermal Springs from Istanbul more information

Yalova Thermal Springs from Istanbul - You can make your stay in Constantinople not only informative but also useful if you visit Yalova thermal springs from Istanbul.

Yalova thermal springs are an opportunity to visit within one tour: a thermal resort, a spa center, Ataturk's manor, a nature reserve of mountain Turkey.

Pools, hammam, classic and underwater massages for an unforgettable experience. The location of this town is very good. The climate is mild: the air temperature in summer ranges from 25 ° to 34 °, and in winter it drops to 6 °.

Yalova thermal springs features

The Yalova resort is a holiday in paradise, on the one hand the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara, on the other, surrounded by mountains and forests, a town. This is the location on the map of this balneological resort. Healing waters, the temperature of which reaches + 60 °, are rich in minerals and sulfates.

Hotels with thermal springs in Yalova are comfortable rooms, with such services as Kursunlu sauna-Hamam, built in the Byzantine era, Valide bath, built by Sultan Abdul Majid for his mother, Private baths (marble, very luxurious, personal baths of the Sultan and his family) with hourly rent. Thermal pool +38 С

Yalova attractions

The sights of the ancient city of Yalova, which is about 5000 years old. This area is considered by many to be a green paradise. The people of Istanbul run here from the hustle and bustle. Just 80 km from Istanbul by high-speed ferry and you are surrounded by Ancient bridges, ancient castles, museums, geysers, Ataturk Pavilion, Apple Castle, and Yalova Waterfall. Lots of greenery, forests, Turkish market, where you can buy delicious fruits inexpensively.

Local restaurants offer typical dishes of the area: baked eggplants, peppers with yogurt, Menemen tomato and pepper scrambled eggs, eggs with yogurt-garlic chibiry sauce, as well as an impressive list of sheep's cheeses and fresh vegetables. The price will pleasantly surprise you.

Since the days of the Ottoman Empire, the thermal springs of Yalova have attracted travelers.

They are characterized as hyperthermal. They have a high content of trace elements. Here you can take water treatments, as well as visit the drinking springs. Each has a sign with indications for use (allergies, diseases of the eyes and stomach, problems with the skin and lungs, and so on.

As part of the excursion to the thermal springs of Yalova, we will visit the Manor of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. The natural wonder of this region was appreciated by the Byzantine emperors themselves. And the abandoned buildings after the war were restored by the leader Ataturk and turned into a world-famous health center.

This man admired the local nature and the healing properties of the geysers so much that he built a villa here. Ataturk loved nature. There were many trees in his garden, but his favorites are the plane trees. In order not to chop them down, the sultan postponed the construction of his villa. Therefore, it is now called "The Walking House".

The program for the season is very extensive. You can find out the cost of the tour on our website. For guests who want to get better acquainted with the culture of the metropolis, it is recommended to take an Istanbul city tour. Minister Tours is an opportunity to book profitably the best excursions in Istanbul.

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45 person
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Excursion for the Family

Yalova Thermal Springs from Istanbul price 2024

Adult 45 £
Kids (4-10 ) 20 £
Infants (0 -3) Free

Yalova Thermal Springs from Istanbul programm

  • Transfers from hotels
  • Departure to Yalova with Eskihisar ferry route
  • Hot moon, coffee and cake treat
  • Yalova open air museum
  • The walking mansion visit
  • Roe Arboretum living plant museum
  • A break for 3-4 hour thermal pool, spa center, Turkish bath in Yalova thermal spas
  • Back to Istanbul

Yalova Thermal Springs from Istanbul details

Tour daysEvery Sunday
Tour hours Ask please
Includes Transportation, guiding service, light meals (cake, pastry and cheese), Thermal pool, Turkish hamam, Spa, Sauna
Excludes Entrances (museums), lunch
Don't Forgets Swimwear, water, entrance fees are subject to 25 TL.

Yalova thermal springs

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