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Çamyuva generally appeals to families with children, but when adults are preferred as a group of friends, there are many entertainment venues and wide programmed activities in the region. As the name suggests, there are forests covered with pine trees around our holiday resort, which reveals the oxygen value here. Although Çamyuva is a coastal town, the weather is quite cool and it reaches an average of 30-33 degrees in the summer months. One of the only elements that make this region attractive are the beaches covered with small (not sinking) pebbles, the cleanliness of the sea and the forest and mountain views you will see when you go to the beaches. This atmosphere, which is not limited to the beaches, is complemented by the flower bouquets that decorate the sightseeing routes and the large fruit trees standing on the roadsides, and all the natural wonders here are carefully cleaned and watered every day under the protection of the municipality. Camyuva is located at an average distance of 8 kilometers from the center of Kemer in terms of its location and you will not have any transportation problems to the center because there are public buses every 15 minutes.

Tours in Camyuva

Tours in Camyuva

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There are various activities you can do with your family or group of friends daily in Çamyuva, the most important of which are the animations and shows made in the hotels where you come on holiday. When you want to spend your day sightseeing and shopping, you can see touristic bazaars, entertainment venues, souvenir shops and restaurants that are open until late at night outside your hotels. If you wish, you can also visit various entertainment venues where you can come to Kemer center or Antalya center by taxi or city bus. Minister Tours will be with you when you say that we want to add unforgettable moments and memories to our holiday. We offer you more than 40 different, program-rich tour and travel options, and we do not require any prepayment or additional payment for the services offered. Some of these are options such as buggy safari, ATV safari and rafting for those who love action and adrenaline such as Cappadocia, Pamukkale for those who love cultural tours. It will be enough to just fill in the reservation form on the site.

Tours in Camyuva

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