Dolphin park in Kusadasi

Kusadasi dolphin show

Kusadasi dolphin show tour with Adaland entrance ticket is a bright and impressive show with dolphins in park and fur seals that can show tricks, sing and draw beautiful pictures.

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Kusadasi dolphin show Explanations

Kusadasi dolphin show – this is a favorite place for kids and adults, able to give an incredible surge of emotions for the most inexpensive price. Close contact with marine life and their skillful tricks will please even the most experienced tourists from all over the world.

Kusadasi dophin show: what you need to know

Dolphin park – this is a unique complex of swimming pools where the most talented marine inhabitants train and give demonstration performances every day. Absolutely all animals are very well-mannered and friendly, they are sincerely happy to communicate with every traveler, and they especially like to spend time with children.

Luckily, Kusadasi has its own piece of paradise with lots of dolphins and fur seals. The local cost-effective dolphinarium is located right on the territory of a huge water complex called Adaland.

Adaland dolphin park

Adaland – one of the largest amusement parks in all of Turkey, which is widely specialized in all kinds of water activities. It has slides for children and adults, many pools, animators with entertainment programs and even a dolphinarium of the same name. Each guest of this bright summer place is sure to find entertainment to their liking and bring a lot of resort photos and videos. Reviews unanimously state that this is one of the best parks in the world. Fans of active sea holidays are also recommended to book an excellent tour called Sea fishing in Kusadasi.

Dolphin park in Kusadasi: a fun show

Every day except Monday at the Adaland Dolphin show a large-scale show with marine life. However, the main stars of the program are usually the friendly dolphins. As part of the tour called Dolphin show in Kusadasi, children and adults will easily get to know these cute animals closer, and even be able to take a couple of vivid photos for a long memory.

Adaland dolphin show times

Usually, the dolphin show lasts a little less than an hour. There are two such performances per day – daytime at 12.00 and evening at 17.00. So, the main action in the demonstration program takes place in the so-called "concert hall". This is the largest pool on the territory of the dolphinarium, which is intended for mass visits by tourists. All the attention here goes to the main stars of the show – cute fur seals and graceful dolphins. Long months of training are bearing fruit – animals perform truly amazing tricks with a hoop, they can sing and even draw. None of the visitors of this tour will leave the hall without a smile on their face!

For big fans of dolphins there is a special service – swimming with dolphins. It is available for both children and adults, and is incredibly popular, so it is worth booking this service in advance. The amazing properties of dolphin therapy have been discussed all over the world for several decades. Close communication with them is great for fighting stress, insomnia and anxiety.

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25 person

Kusadasi dolphin show Programm

  • Dolphin show in Kusadasi begins with a quick transfer of tourists on a comfortable transfer directly to the starting point of the tour.

  • Introduction to the guide and a short historical background about the dolphinarium, free time.

  • Walk through the main halls of the dolphinarium and get acquainted with its territory.

  • Watch a 45-minute dolphin and fur seal show

  • Return transfer to clients' hotels.

Tour daysEvery day

Tour hours 09:00 — 16:00

Includes the price includes guide, entrance ticket, two-way transfer, insurance

Excludes personal expenses

Don't Forgets water, a hat and sunglasses

Kusadasi dolphin show price for excursion 2022

Adult 25
Children (4-7 ) 20

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