Kusadasi to Bodrum district

Kusadasi to Bodrum district tour this is a rich excursion to a small port city that to this day keeps the architectural heritage of long-fallen empires. The most interesting walks around the local amphitheater, the mausoleum, the fortress of St. Peter and, of course, the opportunity to see the gates of Myndos - this is only a small part of the route along which the guests will pass.

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Kusadasi to Bodrum district city tour this is a wonderful sightseeing trip of one of the most beautiful tourist cities in the country. This inexpensive excursion will be a pleasant escape from the monotonous beach holiday and will show the colorful city from a completely different, historical side.

Holidays in Kusadasi should not be limited only to this region, because throughout Turkey there are a lot of interesting places that you also want to visit, admiring the bright photographs. Bodrum is definitely one of these locations.

Kusadasi Bodrum distance

This is an incredibly cozy and modern city convenient for visiting, because the distance from Bodrum to Kusadasi is only 150 kilometers.

How to get from Kusadasi to Bodrum?

To the question "How to get to Bodrum from Kusadasi?" there is a very simple answer – modern tourist bus. In two and a half hours on a comfortable bus in the company of an experienced guide, the group will quickly reach the place where the Bodrum sightseeing tour starts. The best excursions in Kusadasi start with a well-thought-out itinerary of a cost-effective Bodrum tour from Kusadasi, which passes through the most wonderful scenic spots in the country. It is also recommended to book a tour Cappadocia from Kusadasi.

Bodrum sightseeing

Magical Bodrum – it is the epitome of an ideal miniature port city. Guides in Kusadasi at a reasonable price and a very leisurely short route will help you get around all the sights in just three hours. It is rich in historical locations, incredible mountainous nature and even slightly dangerous rocky bays. Especially popular are the ruins of the Mausoleum, which is one of the seven wonders of the world. There is also an ancient amphitheater, a majestic Crusader castle and many other places.

Bodrum city tour

The Bodrum city tour from Kusadasi, reviews of which are always positive, pleases not only with an interesting program, but also with low cost. It is in this once ancient city that one can feel the spirit of Halicarnassus, and not only him. The city has a lot of places that can be safely called the embodiment of different eras.

Bodrum weather

The weather in Bodrum attracts guests to visit its streets. The average air temperature reaches its maximum in July - 32 ° C, so it is advisable to take walks in late spring or early autumn. Then the temperature will be most conducive to exploring the local beauties.

Bodrum Attractions

First of all, the guide will lead the group to the "visiting card" cities – The mausoleum of the ancient ruler Mausolus, which was erected in the distant IV century BC. You should also definitely take a walk to the Myndos Gate and the amphitheater, which accommodated up to 15 thousand spectators. It was here that cruel, but such spectacular gladiator fights took place.

The locals are also proud of the fortress of St. Peter, which was built by the Crusaders. Currently, it has turned into a museum, where the incredible value of – seal of Nefertiti. Guests should definitely take a walk around the fortress and visit several of its beautiful towers – English, Spanish and French. A separate bonus will be a magnificent view from each of them.

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80£ person
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Kusadasi to Bodrum district programm

  • Bodrum from Kusadasi begins with the gathering of the tourist from hotels
  • Drive to Bodrum from Kusadasi within two hours.
  • Visit to the Bodrum Theatre.
  • Lunch
  • Walk to the Mausoleum of the ancient ruler Mausolus and listen to his story.
  • Walk to the Myndos Gate and the ancient amphitheater.
  • Visit and inspection of the fortress of St. Peter and its towers.
  • Return transfer to hotels.

Kusadasi to Bodrum district details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 09:00-18:00
Includes transfer from the hotel, insurance, guide, lunch
Excludes Personal expenses, drinks
Don't Forgets Comfortable shoes and clothes, sun protection, hat, water

Kusadasi Bodrum distance

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