Pamukkale tours from Kusadasi

Pamukkale tours from Kusadasi is a visit to a historical site that is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. As part of the excursion program, the tourist will see snow-white terraces, the ancient city of Hierapolis, thermal springs, and other attractions in day trip

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Pamukkale tours from Kusadasi is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the visiting card of the country. If you ask any tourist what associations he has with the word Turkey, then we can say with confidence the following answers: Pamukkale, Cappadocia, Istanbul, Magnificent Age, and all-inclusive. The order of each may be different, but the meaning will be similar.

Kusadasi Pamukkale distance

The distance from Kusadasi to Pamukkale is a little less than 200 km, so the journey will not take long. Throughout the tour, we will be accompanied by an guide with a specialized historical education. Many people come here to take unusual photos against the background of snow-white travertines, which are very reminiscent of snowy mountains in the middle of blooming greenery. It looks very unusual, especially when near a snow-white block, very similar to snow, someone is posing in a swimsuit and barefoot.

Features of Excursion to Pamukkale from Kusadasi:

The cotton castle, just such a literal translation from Turkish, is a natural object that can be recorded in the eighth wonder of the world. There are many legends regarding the formation of a natural landmark, the most interesting of which says that the giants cultivated cotton and, after processing, left it to dry on the mountains. And later they forgot about him. This is how the snow-white travertines were formed.

Pamukkale thermal springs excursion from Kusadasi

In fact, the calcium-rich water comes out high in the mountains and cascades down the terraces, forming a white coating on them, very similar to freshly fallen snow. In general, there are 17 thermal springs with water temperatures of 35 degrees and above. Some terraces are closed to the public. because they are in the process of forming. Thermal water flowing down the river bed gradually settles out, releasing calcium carbonate in the form of a soft gel. It takes some time for it to solidify. You can only walk on travertines barefoot, so consider this fact when purchasing this tour.

If you love history, we recommend booking a Tour to Ephesus from Kusadasi. Excavations of the ancient settlement are still going on.

Kusadasi to Pamukkale day trip

Kusadasi to Pamukkale day trip includes a visit to the historical complex of Hierapolis. It includes the ancient city, travertines, baths, and the largest necropolis in Turkey. Hierapolis was founded in the 2nd century BC as a health resort. Due to the many earthquakes, only the ruins of ancient baths, churches, temples have survived to this day, but even from these remains, one can appreciate its greatness. Attractions in Hierapolis include:

  • Roman theater with a capacity of 10-12000 people. Since 1960, the amphitheater has undergone reconstruction and today you can realize its pristine beauty,
  • Thermal pool with healing springs, where, according to legend, the Egyptian beauty Cleopatra took baths,
  • The largest antique necropolis in Asia Minor,
  • Ruins of St. martyria Philip, who suffered a painful death in Hierapolis.

How do you get to Pamukkale from Kusadasi?

Getting to Pamukkale from Kusadasi on your own is not difficult. The city is located in the Denizli province in southwestern Turkey. The complex is open from 06-30 to 20-00. The ticket price is about €15. Archaeological Museum is paid additionally. Entrance to Cleopatra's pool in season ranges from €10 to €15. If you do not want to be distracted by organizational issues during your vacation, you can order a tour of our company. A large selection of excursions from Kusadasi at competitive prices will delight tourists in the holiday season .

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40 person
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The Nature of the Region

Pamukkale tours from Kusadasi price 2024

Adult 40 £
Kids (4-7 ) 20 £

Pamukkale tours from Kusadasi programm

  • Transferring valued visitors from their Hotels to Pamukkale trip from Kusadasi.
  • Have a delicious lunch at a popular restaurant which is located in Denizli.
  • A free time, including a visit to Hierapolis, the ancient theater and the royal tombs, which are among the ancient monuments of the Hellenistic era, and also with the presence of experienced guides, the honorable guests will be able to learn about the history and civilization of these monuments and places.
  • Heading to the city of Pamukkale, which has curative water that contains many minerals beneficial to the human body, and there is free time to roam the city.
  • Swimming break in the picturesque Cleopatra pool (optional).
  • Our guests gathering in a pre-arranged area by guides and getting on the buses.
  • Concluding our tour and re-transfer dear clients to their Hotels.

Pamukkale tours from Kusadasi details

Tour daysMonday,Thursday
Tour hours 08:00 — 18:00
Includes Round-trip transfer by comfortable and air-conditioned buses, insurance, guide services, lunch,
Excludes Personal expenses, drinks, entrance to Cleopatra's pool. entrance ticket.
Don't Forgets Comfortable shoes, sunglass, cap, swimwear, water

you will visit the snow-white Cotton Castle

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