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Kusadasi to Istanbul tour by plane this is a great opportunity to see with your own eyes a unique city and its historical monuments that have absorbed the immortal culture of three majestic empires - the Ottoman, Byzantine and Roman

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Kusadasi to Istanbul tour by flight this is one of the most successful combinations of a historical tour with an entertaining trip at a very inexpensive price.

Istanbul from Kusadasi: what you need to know

The magnificent city of Istanbul is rightfully the real cultural capital of Turkey, since only in it you can find a huge variety of sights of different empires. Its charming atmosphere – this is all that a tourist who has never been to this hospitable country before needs to be fully imbued with its aesthetics.

Kusadası Istanbul distance

There are two most common ways to get to Istanbul from Kusadasi – ground and air. The fastest and shortest way – is to fly to the city by plane. To do this, you will need to cover only 380 kilometers on a comfortable and affordable plane in just a couple of hours. However, for those tourists who love long road trips, there is the option of traveling by bus. Then the guests of the country will need to overcome about 540 kilometers and it will take as long as six hours.

So, most tourists prefer the first option, which is why there will be a quick and inexpensive flight by plane as part of the Istanbul tour from Kusadasi. Fans of outbound tours are also advised to book a trip called Pamukkale Balloon tour from Kusadasi.

Istanbul from Kusadasi: a unique city

Istanbul – it is a vibrant, artistic and truly culturally rich metropolis with centuries of history and vast heritage. It is unanimously recognized as the largest city in all of Europe, although it is worth noting that it is located on both the European and Asian parts of the continent. The city can also boast of being the confluence of two seas at once – Marble and Black, and its well-known Bosporus constantly appears on postcards and numerous photographs of tourists.

Bosphorus boat tour

Istanbul – these are dozens of ancient monuments of the Ottoman, Byzantine and Roman periods, cozy narrow streets and many mosques. After buying this eventful tour, each guest should look into a local cafe near the Bosphorus to try fresh seafood. After a hearty meal, be sure to go to the Grand Bazaar, where you can find absolutely everything – from sweets to gold and chic furs.

Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia

After the flight, an experienced guide will immediately lead the group to the old city called Sultanahmet. It is here that travelers will see two city gems – Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia. Perhaps these are the most frequently visited places in Istanbul. Between them is the famous Hippodrome square, where horse races and other horse races were regularly held during the time of the ancient Romans.

By the end of the day, when the evening twilight begins to descend on the city, tourists will go on an exciting boat trip along the Bosphorus, passing in front of the most striking historical sights of the coastline. After such an eventful day, the group will fly back to Kusadasi.

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Kusadasi to Istanbul programm

  • Istanbul from Kusadasi begins with the transfer 
  • Flight to Istanbul and meeting with a guide.
  • Transfer to Hippodrome Square and sightseeing.
  • Visit Hagia Sophia and walk around the Blue Mosque.
  • A hearty lunch of traditional Turkish dishes.
  • Walk around the Grand Bazaar and free time for shopping.
  • Relaxing boat tour of the Bosphorus
  • Dinner of the most delicious fish dishes.
  • Return transfer to hotels.

Kusadasi to Istanbul details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 09:00-18:00
Includes transfer from the hotel, insurance, guide, flight tickets, lunch and dinner, boat trip
Excludes Personal expenses
Don't Forgets Comfortable shoes and clothes, sun protection, hat

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