Kusadasi Buggy Safari

Kusadasi Buggy Safari tour is a fun excursion at impressive speed through the region, which will show tourists all the natural beauties and even historical sights. And driving through the authentic small Turkish villages, guests of the tourist city will fully feel the culture of this Turkey and its colorful heritage, which attracts thousands of tourists to the country.

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Kusadasi Buggy safari excursion this is an active and even somewhat extreme tour for the whole family, which will perfectly cope with the task of dispelling boredom after the same type of beach holiday. For a completely inexpensive trip, customers will receive not only an unforgettable experience from fast driving in small cars, but also explore the most beautiful locations in the region. It’s also great that you don’t need a license to drive a buggy, and literally any tourist will cope with this task!

What is Buggy?

Buggy – these are small, but very maneuverable cars, which are already traditionally used for tourist purposes. The fact is that these cars are able to perfectly cope with difficult paths that are not subject to ordinary-sized cars. Buggy tours in Kusadasi are very popular, and the favorable cost of traveling on a buggy becomes another plus.

Buggy Safari tour in Kusadasi

The way to create a buggy is also interesting, because this vehicle is literally recreated from improvised means and spare parts from other cars. It is also worth noting that driving does not require a license and other documents. And together with an experienced guide, each person in the team will master this transport absolutely safely in just five minutes. By booking a Buggy Safari tour in Kusadasi, unusual and vivid emotions are guaranteed!

The weather in Kusadasi is usually very hot and sultry in summer, as the thermometer rises to +30 degrees almost daily. That is why, as part of an excursion to Kusadasi, it is worth choosing exactly the tour in which you will not need to make long walks. By booking a Safari in Kusadasi, each guest will be satisfied with their choice. Tour guests should also visit Kusadasi Adaland water park.

A full-fledged tour program, a buggy excursion usually takes no more than three hours, but during this time, guests will be able to fully enjoy the unique wildlife of the region and even touch its rich cultural heritage.

Where to ride a buggy in Kusadasi?

Where to ride a buggy in Kusadasi? The answer is very simple – an exciting tour for guests is organized by Minister Tours at the most affordable price with the best program in the city. Buggy safari in Kusadasi, where does it take place? The journey starts from the launch site outside the city, which offers stunning views of the center and the lush vegetation.

Before going on an exciting safari tour on a buggy, a guide will explain to tourists all the rules of conduct during the trip and, of course, will give out sets of protective equipment. For those tourists who do not want to drive the car on their own, the guide will offer to join another client for a lower cost in a double buggy.

Driving through the incredibly green and rich forests as part of a buggy safari, you can fully enjoy the untouched wildlife. The group will also be told a range of local legends and breathtaking stories. The ultimate goal of the trip will be a stop at the bank of a fast-flowing river, where the group can relax, swim and sunbathe among the cleanest beach and fresh air.

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Kusadasi Buggy Safari price 2024

Passenger 8 £
Adult 25 £

Kusadasi Buggy Safari programm

  • Buggy safari trip in Kusadasi begins with the transfer of valued clients from their Hotels by comfortable and air-conditioned buses.
  • Guests gather and getting on the buses then we will move to the starting point.
  • Upon arrival, guests will meet with experienced instructors and guides, and the information about the rules and instructions for this tour will be explained to the participants.
  • Participants will also be trained on how to drive buggy cars by experienced instructors.
  • The adventure journey begins with riding the buggy cars, moving to the path located within the picturesque nature of that area, and passing through many fun and wonderful paths.
  • Pamucak Beach is also one of the itineraries of this tour, where visitors will have the opportunity to swim in the sea.
  • The total duration of the buggy safari tour is 1 and a half hours, and the duration of the full tour is 3 hours.
  • We conclude our tour and return our visitors to their Hotels.

Kusadasi Buggy Safari details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours (10:00 - 15:00 - 17:00) We picking up our guests 3 times a day during these hours.
Includes Transfer in both directions, guide services, insurance and the equipment for this tour.
Excludes Personal expenses and drinks.
Don't Forgets Clothes that you don't mind getting dirty, water and swimwear.

Kusadasi outdoor Adventure

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