Kusadasi Quad Bike Safari

Kusadasi Quad Bike Safari is a unique chance to feel like the discoverer of breathtaking mountain trails riding massive vehicles.

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Kusadasi Quad Bike Safari in Turkey is a dynamic and inexpensive adventure tour for the bravest travelers. Extreme ATV travel is an ideal hobby for people who are not yet proficient in motorcycle riding, but already desperately love the feeling of unlimited freedom that fast riding gives.

ATV safari in Kusadasi 

One of the most popular and interesting entertainments for tourists, who prioritize active and emotionally rich leisure activities. Quad safari can be bought literally all over the country; it is in great demand in Fethiye, Cappadocia, and in many other cities and towns.

How to Drive a Quad Bike

Before the start of a rich program, our clients are picked up by a comfortable bus directly from the hotel, it will drive to their destination, to a huge station of magnificent shiny cars, where everyone can choose their own car according to their taste and color. Before starting a motorcycle safari, you will need to listen to instructions from an experienced guide. He will teach our guests how to drive and behave correctly, show you how to press the gas and brake pedals, and how to avoid fraught collisions and drifts.

Kusadasi Quad biking minimum age

Fortunately, this type of travel is suitable for everyone, because you do not need to have a driver's license and other documents to drive. Children from 16 years old, when buying a ticket, can independently drive a car as part of an exciting ATV safari in Kusadasi. Safety on the way is guaranteed because at the end of each day of operation, the cars are carefully checked for breakdowns and the serviceability of the brake and gas.

For lovers of a more comfortable stay, it is recommended to book a Jeep safari tour in Kusadasi.

Pamucak beach quad safari

Quad bike safari in Kusadasi is not only a profitable and entertaining tour but also a trip that causes a huge portion of aesthetic pleasure, because the route will pass along the most picturesque and rich in magical pristine nature paths of this enchanting Turkish land. Having booked a tour, our guests will see with their own eyes green valleys, and rocks, and untouched forest trails, where the famous all over Turkey camping town is located, and even get to the Pamucak beach, where they will have the opportunity to stop and plunge into the refreshing blue waters.

What do you wear to a quad bike?

An important point is the appearance of our tourists. Most likely, during the ride, you will dirty your clothes a little, because an extreme safari involves visiting the most untouched places by humans, where there are no even roads. Therefore, it is worth wearing sportswear of a dark color, which will not cling and which can be easily washed. You should definitely bring your swimwear and tanning products with you. The total duration of the trip will not take more than four hours.

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25£ person
Kusadasi Quad Bike Safari gif

Unforgettable Experience

Kusadasi Quad Bike Safari price 2024

Passenger 10£
Adult 25£

Kusadasi Quad Bike Safari programm

  • Picking up our visitors from their Hotels to Kusadasi Quad Bike Safari.
  • Heading up to the starting point.
  • There, guests will meet with experienced instructors and guides, information about the rules and instructions of this tour will be explained to the guests.
  • Guests will also be trained on how to drive quad bikes by experienced instructors.
  • The safari trip begins with quad biking, and moving to the path located within the picturesque nature of that area, and passing through many fun and wonderful paths.
  • Pamucak Beach is also one of the itineraries of this tour, where visitors will have the opportunity to swim in the sea.
  • The total duration of the quad bike tour is 1 and a half hours, and the duration of the full tour is 3 hours.
  • Getting on the buses and departing the site.
  • Concluding our tour and re-transfer dear customers to their Hotels.

Kusadasi Quad Bike Safari details

Tour daysEvery Day
Tour hours (10:00 - 15:00 - 17:00) We picking up our guests 3 times a day during these hours.
Includes Transfer in both directions, guide services, insurance and the equipment for this tour.
Excludes Personal expenses and drinks.
Don't Forgets Clothes that you don't mind getting dirty, water and swimwear.

kusadasi quad bike hire

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