Dolphinarium in Marmaris (Dolphin Park)


37 person


  • Departure from hotels by comfortable bus
  • Arrival at the Marmaris Dolphinarium
  • Briefing on the rules of behavior with mammals from a qualified instructor
  • Preparing for the meeting - time to change clothes
  • Meeting and communication with dolphins for a total of 15 minutes
  • Purchase of photos (video reviews) at will
  • Departure back to hotels
  • Children are allowed on this tour from 3 years of age accompanied by an adult
Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 10:00 - 16:00
Includes transfer in both directions, insurance, instruction, communication with animals
Excludes professional photo and video shooting, personal expenses
Don't Forgets hats, sunglasses, sunblock / sunscreen
Passenger 21
Adult 37

Diffirence of Minister Tour

Do you want to relax your soul, merge with nature and feel unity with marine animals? Excursion to the dolphinarium in Marmaris will again feel like a child, look at a high-level performance, get a fountain of positive emotions and feel the sedative therapeutic effect of communicating with these beautiful animals.

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The Dolphinarium in Marmaris, or rather Dolphin Park Marmaris, was built on the grounds of the Grand Yazici Mares. Today it is one of the few water parks in Europe where dolphins are kept in a natural environment. The water, which hosts show programs, are in the open air. In fact - it's just a fenced sea space. Here, an experienced team of coaches conducts classes with dolphins. Twist flips, sing, draw, dance, play ball, hold on the nose of a person and throw it a few meters up - all these tricks are shown to tourists every year. The price of the tour includes an entrance ticket, transfers from the hotel and back.

Detailed information about the Dolphin Show at the Dolphinarium is held every two hours from 9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. The show itself lasts 40 minutes. At the specified time in the ticket near the entrance to the hotel you will be waiting for a bus that will take you to their destination.

The trip to the dolphinarium will not take long, as it is located about 5 km in the center of Marmaris and 3 km from the resort town of Ichmeler.

Prices in 2021, as always, depend only on the program you choose. Communication with dolphins, swimming with dolphins, swimming with VIP dolphins - three programs from which you can choose one. It is possible to limit yourself to the most budget-friendly option - watching the show program.

The first program includes a 15-minute communication with the noble animals of the marine fauna. Children from 3 years old are allowed. During the session, the child can pat the dolphin, hold it by the fin.

The second program, Swimming with Dolphins, is considered to be more interesting. A group of 8 people can stay in the water with dolphins for 35 minutes. Children from 9 to 12 years old are only allowed accompanied by adults.

You can also order a 15-minute swim in a group of only 2 people. Pleasure is quite expensive, but definitely worth the money spent.

The Marmaris Dolphin offers another program, Coach for One Day. If you are fluent in English, you have the opportunity to be a dolphin trainer all day long. Everyone will be together with professional trainers to prepare fish for dolphins, clean the kitchen, feed the animals with vitamins, get basic training skills and swim in the dolphinarium. This program includes lunch, and at the end of the course certificate is issued.

We recommend taking care of buying a ticket in advance, as in the season the official website of the dolphinarium offers a limited number of tickets.

Swimming with dolphins in Turkey is a fairly common type of rest. The best addition to it will be dolphin therapy. Everyone can get to the dolphin therapy sessions in Marmaris. This or that course is prescribed by a professional therapist. Dolphin therapy in Turkey has successfully proven itself all over the world. The effectiveness of the method is proven in the fight against problems such as central nervous system disorder, paralysis, genetic disorder, speech and hearing impairment and many others.

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