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On the pages of our virtual magazine, we will tell you about the sights of Marmaris, the upcoming events in the city, the opening hours of the market, minibusses, where to find shopping centers, which bars and restaurants are worth visiting, which water park to choose, and so on.

Marmaris is not like Turkey. This is a more modern European town on the shores of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas, where hundreds of thousands of tourists come every year. The most popular sights of Marmaris are the Lycian Tombs located on the Dalyan River. While walking along the river, everyone can go fishing for royal blue crabs, which can then be prepared for lunch at the restaurant.

Another attraction of Marmaris belongs to the Greek island of Rhodes. Only 40 minutes by ferry separate tourists from Rhodes. The place where once was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world Colossus of Rhodes. In addition, there are many iconic places on the island, where one day is not enough to explore. To visit Greece, we will help our tourists to make a short-term visa if they do not have Schengen.

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