opportunity to have fun and a bright rest after the beach

Karting in Marmaris


1 person


  • Transfer from the hotel and the road to the karting venue
  • Arrival at the go-kart arena that is in the heart of Marmaris
  • Instruction on security measures and management rules
  • Equipment and usage rules
  • Start of the race (20 laps — 15/20 minutes), speed of the car from 40-60 km/h
  • Time to rest
  • Return transfer to the hotel
Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 09:00 — 14:00
Includes transfer in both directions, insurance, equipment, coaching, rental typewriter
Excludes drinks, personal expenses
Don't Forgets water on the road, comfortable shoes, sunscreen
Passenger 1
Adult 1

Diffirence of Minister Tour

Were you born with a thirst for speed in your blood? Do you dream of trying yourself as a Formula One driver? Racing in Marmaris is your chance to get closer to the great motorsport. This is an active rest, which will appeal not only to men but also to women, children. The opportunity to have fun and bright rest after the beach, feeling safe, and not putting your health at risk.

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Karting in Marmaris (car race) is a trip that will be remembered for the rest of your life. The Go Karting Arena is the largest outdoor venue in southwestern Turkey. Here is a recreated a smaller copy of the real race track. 10-15 minute arrival on high-altitude cars with separate seats will allow you to do here about 25 laps and test your strength in driving. The price includes transfers from the hotel and back, 25 trips, insurance.

The arena is close to the city center and works every day seven days a week. Starting at 10 a.m., every hour is possible to leave the hotel for the race venue. There are 8 sessions a day at Kartigdrm. Persons over the age of 10 are allowed. You don't need to have a right or a special permit to drive a car. It is enough to pass a detailed safety briefing, which is mandatory before the race.

The maximum speed to which cars accelerate is 100 km/h. For novice drivers, a speed of 40-60 km/h is permissible. If you are a fan of extreme sports, we also recommend you to visit the Buggy Safari tour from Marmaris.

The roads of the city are very rough, so the rally in Marmaris is a frequent event. Karting in Marmaris (car racing) also run on a winding track with sharp turns. Participants have complete freedom of action. There are no rules of the road here, there is only gas and brake. 10 cars (cards) can take part in the race at the same time. The first round is a trial, then the race itself. The complex is open until 11 p.m.

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All holidaymakers can take part in Karting in Marmaris (car race). Our agency offers to buy tickets at an affordable price. You can book places by form on the site or by calling the manager on the phone. Payment is made on the fact of issuing tickets.

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