Ride a Yacht visit the caves, Dimcay and Cleopatra beach

Alanya City Tour From Side Turkey

Alanya City Tour From Side Turkey is an opportunity to explore the sights of the region, a yacht, a cave, Dimcay, Cleopatra beach and other interesting places.

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Alanya City Tour From Side Turkey Explanations

Alanya City Tour From Side Turkey (how to get to the village, you can see on the map), interesting to tourists of all age categories. The distance between the cities is 63 kilometers, but the trip will pass unnoticed thanks to convenient transport and comfortable conditions. The village has a special atmosphere. Here, everyone present will fully dip into the local culture and color, will be able to learn its history, study the monuments that have survived to this day. Will cause delight and natural beauty, panoramas of the neighborhood. In addition, you can visit the mountain river Dimcay, where even the local population likes to have a picnic, which you can hear reviews. The river originates in the West Taurus mountains. Its total duration is 60 km. During the trip, you will be able to taste delicious national dishes in its most picturesque corner, in a cozy restaurant. If you are interested in a more detailed study of the area, we recommend an equally interesting program — a review of Alanya City Tour From Side, which includes a funicular (descent on a cable car).

If you are interested in the history and traditions of the Turkish people and you want to enjoy from other cities of Turkey, we recommend going on an Antalya City tour from Side.

Detailed information about Alanya City Tour From Side Turkey:

  • Alanya City Tour From Side beginning with the arrival at the city port and departure for an hour-long sea walk on a beautiful yacht, the price is included in the price. The most interesting will be the view of the Kizilkule, caves of pirates, lovers, mud, and phosphorus, located near the sea. In ancient times, it was easier for pirates to hide from enemies and hide the loot. During the journey, those present will be able to see the Red Tower and listen to its history of appearance.
  • Further excursion to Alanya City Tour From Side will take place on the observation deck, next to which is the fortress (hours of work allow you to see the attraction closer, and how to get yourself can learn, clarifying the schedule of buses) — the 13th-century structure. It is located on the peninsula, at an altitude of 250 m, and is surrounded on three sides by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Thanks to this location, enemy troops lost almost all chances to win and capture territory. In the inner part still preserved Byzantine fortress, built in the 4th-V centuries AD and ruins of buildings of ancient times.
  • After the first part of the travel, you will taste a very tasty lunch in a restaurant called Dimcay. At your discretion, you can choose from European or Turkish cuisine. Located this place on the Dimcay river, how to get alone, if there is a desire to visit this place again, check with the guide. You will have the opportunity to swim, after which you will go to the central part of the city. It is a two-hour walk.
  • If you want, you can visit another very interesting attraction. This is Damlatas cave, the cost of admission to which is low (here you can take a photo as a keepsake). Translated into English, the name sounds like “Stalactite.” Locals call it “Wet Stones.” Inside are whimsical stalagmites and stalactites, creating shapes of different sizes, shapes, and colors. It also provides attractiveness and special additional lighting. A distinctive feature is the saturation of air with carbon dioxide. Temperature 22-24 degrees. The microclimate with such indicators is especially useful for people with chronic pulmonary diseases.
  • Alanya City Tour From Side also includes a visit to a banana plantation. Here you can walk, inexpensively buy ripe bananas.

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we recommended booking this trip in advance by contacting the manager by phone or leaving an application online. You don't need to prepay at the time of booking. Our experts, who ideally speak English, will devote you to the intricacies of ordering and answer any questions.

Don't worry about Covid-19 because we have provided all the safety and health for you dear ones during this program. All disinfectants and social distancing are also observed.

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25 person

Alanya City Tour From Side Turkey Programm

  • The Alanya City tour from Side begins with picking up the distinguished guests from their hotels.

  • Heading to Alanya.

  • Visiting the banana plantations.

  • Going on a yacht cruise for an hour in Alanya.

  • Visiting Cleopatra Beach.

  • Visiting Damlatas Cave.

  • Have a delicious lunch in a restaurant located on the banks of the Dimcay River.

  • Free time in the city - there is the possibility for those who wish to buy tickets for the cable car and go to Alanya Castle.

  • Concluding our tour and re-transfer our dear clients to their hotels.

Tour daysWednesday,Friday,Sunday

Tour hours 08:30 — 18:00

Includes Transfer in both directions, insurance, guide services, lunch, yacht tour.

Excludes Drinks, entrance ticket to Damlatas cave, cable car ticket.

Don't Forgets Swimwear, sunscreen, sunglasses, towels, money for personal expenses.

Alanya City Tour From Side Turkey price for excursion 2022

Adult 25
Children (7-12 ) 18
Infants (0 -6) Free

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