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Turkish Bath Hamam in Side Turkey

Turkish Bath Hamam in Side Turkey is a few hours of complete relaxation, pleasant and useful procedures that will fill you with energy and positive emotions, lift your spirits.

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Turkish Bath Hamam in Side Turkey Explanations

Turkish Bath Hamam in Side Turkey is a unique opportunity to get healthy, relax and experience the local culture. For many centuries this place has been a symbol of the traditions and culture of the Eastern peoples. Public baths were used during the Roman Empire era.

The steam room is the internal temperature regime — from 30 to 50 degrees Celsius. Muslims are sincerely convinced that healing requires not only the physical shell but also the soul. This is a great opportunity to touch the religion of the country, its rituals, and customs, especially since the price of the visit is Appropriate.

Information About Turkish Bath Hamam in Side Turkey:

If you decided to visit the best Turkish Bath Hamam in Side Turkey, get ready that it does look like English baths. It consists of a restroom and a Local massage, spa wellness, shower. It is not customary to wash. The air temperature does not exceed 60 degrees Celsius, the humidity is high, which is necessary for cleaning the lungs and opening pores.

For women and men, it is traditionally different halls, but there are also joint, as evidenced by the reviews of many tourists and stories of locals. It is not customary to take off all the clothes. You will be in a swimsuit, towel. In fact, these are peculiar temples, where people come to be cleaned externally and internally. That is why it the best in the city, is distinguished by the luxury of the interior.

  • You will visit the sauna, after which you will get into the steam room with a special marble heated stone. Optimal temperature and high humidity have a positive effect on the skin and muscles.
  •  Then a body peeling, one of the most useful treatments for your skin, is performed in Gobek Tasha (Heart Stone) on the best hamam in Side Turkey. This is the basis of purification. First, the skin is well heated, and then it is cleaned with special gloves of silk, carefully removing from the surface of the keratinized particles.
  • Massage is the next stage which does  Foam relaxing massage, the price is relatively cheap. How much does a massage cost in Turkey, for example, in hotels, you can check with the manager of our company or find out the prices directly when visiting the salon. Specialists use a special long-sized linen pillow to squeeze foam onto the skin. The procedure is very pleasant. During its conduct in the muscles appear incomparable sensations.
  • The last stage of cleansing in Turkish Bath Hamam in Side Turkey is skin toning and oil massage with olive or pink oils, providing extraordinary smoothness and softness of the skin and a face mask with a tasty fresh Turkish tea.

One of the exciting places to visit, you do not have to spend a lot of time on the road, but you will have time to visit the sauna, visit the Steam room, the aroma of essential oils which is useful for immunity and respiratory system.

Besides, you will find a salt room, which helps to improve the condition of all systems of the body, in particular, the endocrine and cardiovascular. Also, you will find a pool with therapeutic mud, long used for the treatment of various diseases, also including Healing the nervous system.

After choosing this trip, we offer you Water planet park from Side so you can get the solar energy and get your skin Burn and have fun with your family.

Why should you book with our company?

If, while on vacation in this unique country, you decided to check the magical properties of the Spa, contact our company. We offer ideal conditions and the best prices. How much is Turkish Bath Hamam in Side Turkey, you can check with our manager at the time of booking No prepayment is required.

Communication with the company's employees will not cause inconvenience, as they all speak English perfectly. Call us by phone or contact Us on Viber or WhatsApp. You will find an amazing rest, positive emotions, and great impressions.

Due to the issues with Coronavirus, we have provided you with the best and healthiest issues, so don't worry and just think about relaxation.

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15 person

Turkish Bath Hamam in Side Turkey Programm

  • Picking up our valued visitors from their Hotels by comfortable and air-conditioned buses to one of the best Turkish baths in Side.

  • Arrival and the guests entry to the Hamam and then one of the hosts will show you the dressing room and will provide you with sandals, a colorful square cloth that is tied around the waist and many services are available.

  • The program starts as follows;

  • Entering the sauna room.

  • Entering the steam room, where this steam contributes to the removal of toxins from the body.

  • Peeling massage(kese) where the dead skin will be removed from the body.

  • Foam massage to make the skin smooth after exfoliation.

  • Then enjoy a relaxing full body massage using the oil for 20 minutes.

  • Concluding our tour and re-transfer our guests to their Hotels.

Tour daysEvery day

Tour hours 09:00 — 18:00 (Every Hour)

Includes Insurance, Free transfer, all procedures of Program.

Excludes Additional services (pedicure, manicure), alcoholic beverages.

Don't Forgets Swimsuits

Turkish Bath Hamam in Side Turkey price for excursion 2022

Adult 15
Children (6-12 ) 8
Infants (0 -5) Free

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