A Journey to the ancient sunken city

Demre Myra Kekova from Side

Demre Myra Kekova from Side to ancient and holy places. You can see the ancient city of Myra, sunken — Kekova. Historic monuments and places of pilgrimage in Demre will be opened to your eyes.

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Demre Myra Kekova from Side Explanations

Excursion to Demre Myra Kekova from Side is rich and fascinating (to the first destination the distance is 309 kilometers, but it is almost imperceptible because of the comfortable bus that will take you there), and the price of the trip is cheap. As part of it, you will get to know amazing places that have enormous value. Your impression and opinion about this country will change completely.

Detailed information about the Program:

You will have an unforgettable trip to three different destinations, rich insights, and overgrown with legends, to see unique places. Travel will not only land, but also by sea, which is fascinating. The Journey often causes a desire to visit the area again on its own, you can look at the map or read the description of the path and reviews of other tourists.

Demre is a popular town among holidaymakers. It was in the old part of it that St. Nicholas lived and served God. After his death in 345 (old calendar) was built a church, which kept a marble white sarcophagus with remains. During its existence, the Church of St. Nicholas, not far from which today there is an iconic center (here you can buy icons), has suffered a lot of destruction and subsequent reins. The first time the building was destroyed by the strongest earthquake in 529. First, a basilica was erected in its place, which was defeated by the Arabs in vii, and a hundred years later there was a temple with a monastery in the form in which we can see it today. Over time, there were other metamorphoses, the burial of this place under a layer of earth and water. Today it is cleaned and open to the public. St. Nicholas the Wonderworker's Day in Turkey is considered a very large Christian holiday. In addition, in Excursion to Demre Myra Kekova from Side, no matter what the weather, you can see the clean beach, amphitheater, take beautiful photos during the walk. If you are interested in ancient artifacts, the history of civilizations.

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The city of Mira Liquia (Turkey) is the next location. In ancient times it was erected at a distance of five kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea. During its existence, it has experienced moments of prosperity and destruction. Today, this once-famous settlement is widely known for tombs carved into the rocks. They buried wealthy residents. According to the legend, the souls of people buried in the rock were directly into paradise. Other attractions include the ruins of an ancient theater.

The sunken city of Kekova on the map is displayed as a small island, in the north of which are the ruins of the ancient village of Dolhiste, destroyed by an earthquake in the second century BC, and underwater many ancient buildings (research was conducted, Jacques-Ev Cousteau). Excursion to Demre Myra Kekova from Side (description and photo of objects can be viewed in advance) includes a sea trip, during which in a special window in the bottom of the yacht you can see everything that hides under the water.

Why it is better to Book this Historical trip by our Company:

If you are interested in ancient artifacts, the history of civilizations, long gone in the past, this program organized by our company, what you need. You can book Excursion to Demre Myra Kekova from Side without prepayment on the site online or over the phone. Call or email us. The manager, who speaks English, will devote you to all the intricacies of the journey and answer questions. You will find a comfortable walk to the most famous places in the country, beautiful panoramic views and an interesting story from the guide

Due to your protection against COVID-19 and all the safety and health tips we have provided for you, masks and disinfectants are also available on the bus and The capacity is half.

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45 person

Demre Myra Kekova from Side Programm

  • Gathering participants and sending them out of hotels

  • A small stop as a breakfast lunch box taken in a hotel

  • Arrival in Mira is a beautiful ancient city, which preserved the amphitheatre of ancient Rome, rock tombs, keeping secrets and secrets

  • Journey to Demra - St. Nicholas Church, iconic shop

  • Lunch break

  • Going to the Onyx shop

  • Sailing on a yacht to Kekov - a city that is under the water. The walk lasts one and a half to two hours

  • Return to your place of residence

Tour daysWednesday, Friday, Sunday

Tour hours 06:00 — 20:00

Includes compulsory insurance, English-language guide, transfer, lunch, walk to the underwater city on a yacht, entrance tickets to the World and St. Nicholas Church

Excludes soft drinks

Don't Forgets drinking water, cream and sunglasses from the sun, light, comfortable clothes and shoes, hat, money

Demre Myra Kekova from Side price for excursion 2022

Adult 45
Children (4-7 ) 23
Infants (0 -3) Free

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