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Side city tour, sightseeing trip in Turkey an amazing walk through the old city of Seleucia, see the ancient ruins of Side, the sights of the surroundings, beautiful and interesting places in Turkey, such as the Manavgat waterfall, the temple of Apollo, the mosque. This is an amazing tour that allows you to take a fresh look at the resort region, where Mark Antony and Queen Cleopatra met in history ancient times

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Side city tour Explanations

Side city tour is a rare chance to see the Turkish ancient city built on the cape by the ancient Greeks around the 7th century BC. It was a major trade and cultural center, a port, had a large port. There was also a slave market. In the 8th century it was destroyed by the Arabs. After a while, a small fishing village called Selimiye was erected on the ruins. Currently, the settlement has become a famous tourist center with a developed infrastructure. Ancient ruins have survived to this day.

Side old city

To see the old, ancient city of Side not on a map or photo, but with your own eyes, to get acquainted with other sights located in the vicinity, a Side tour and a yacht tour will help. The monumental arch, the fortress towers and the wall, the temple of Apollo and Athena, the fountain of Vespassin, the Amphitheater, the state and market square (agora), baths, a hospital, streets with columns and much more have survived to this day (unfortunately, partially)

You will feel peace and absolute tranquility, feel the atmosphere of the region, get acquainted with its history and architecture, cuisine, culture.

Seleucia how to get there

The Side Sightseeing Tour and boat tour program includes several interesting points, while you do not need to worry about how to get to Seleucia or another place or look for transport on your own to return to the hotel.

Seleucia Side

Our fascinating Side city tour starts right from the hotel, from where you will be picked up by cabriobuses. After a short period of time, you will find yourself in Seleucia (Pieria, Lirbe), whose history begins from the 4th century BC. The purpose of its construction is shelter from pirates. That is why the ancient city is located high in the mountains, surrounded by pine forests. The ruins of the agora and the Byzantine church, fragments of columns and walls have survived to this day.

Side ruins

An equally breathtaking sight is the contemplation of the ruins of the ancient Roman aqueduct - the water pipe of those times, thanks to which fresh water supplies were supplied to the settlement. After exploring the area, you will have a short stop in the Turkish mountain village, where you can drink a cup of fragrant tea with real national gozleme flatbreads. Learn all about their preparation.

Having been in Turkey, it is impossible not to visit the Green Canyon (Oymapinar reservoir), the construction of which was carried out from 1977 to 1984. Its Green Lake with clean clear water is the main attraction. You will have an hour and a half to rest and have lunch in this amazing place.

In addition, as part of the tour, guests will have an hour-long yacht trip on the Green Lake, whose unique turquoise color of the water will not leave anyone indifferent. Your gaze will open picturesque panoramas of the forests of the Green Canyon, the gorge and the breathtaking height of the cliff.

Manavgat Waterfall

The same amount of time will be provided during the Side city tour for viewing, relaxing and taking pictures at the Manavgat waterfall from Side, artificially created on one of the largest rivers in Turkey with the same name (you can see its coordinates on the map, distance from the city 3 km). Manavgat shelale (in Turkish it means Manavgat waterfall), has its own peculiarity - it is 2 m high, 40 m wide. a unique opportunity. If you want to buy souvenirs, take a walk through the stalls operating nearby, where there are many interesting things.

What else you can see interesting in Manavgat as part of the Side Sightseeing Tour and a yacht tour is the Merkez Küllie Mosque. It is rightfully considered one of the best in the country. The height of the dome is 30 meters. A chic oriental interior, an extraordinarily beautiful crystal chandelier, national carpets and mosaics captivate with luxury. Approximately 4,000 people can pray in the temple at the same time.

Sightseeing tour of Side

Do you want to visit the most interesting and beautiful places in Side and its surroundings, feel comfortable during the whole trip and pay inexpensively? Then you definitely need to book a tour with our company. Prepayment is not required. Details can be obtained from the manager - call or write. During the trip you will be accompanied by a guide.

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Visiting city Attractions

Side city tour Programm

  • Transfer for Side city tour from hotels

  • Visiting Manavgat waterfall.

  • Visiting Seleukia - the ancient city.

  • Visiting the Roman Aqueduct.

  • Visiting the Side old city

  • Visiting the Village.

  • Stopping at the Oymapynar Dam - for taking photos and enjoying with the beautiful views.

  • Boat tour in the green canyon.

  • Taking a break on the banks of the green lake - this break includes a delicious lunch and a swim for those who wish.

  • Visiting the famous Kullie Mosque in Manavgat.

  • Transfer our guests to their hotels.

Tour daysTuesday,Wednesday,Friday,Saturday,Sunday

Tour hours 09:00 — 16:00

Includes transfer, guide services, short boat tour, lunch, insurance.

Excludes Drinks, entrance ticket to Manavgat waterfall.

Don't Forgets sunglasses, comfortable shoes, water

Side city tour price for excursion 2024

Adult 20 £
Children (7-12 ) 16 £

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