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Private trips in Side with private guides in Turkey - this is a complete rest in a close circle and in the presence of a local guide. The lack of a clear schedule and time frame, it all depends on the desire of vacationers. Personal excursions in Side will allow you to study nature and sights in more detail, take many photographs. Relatively low price of the tour.

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Private trips in Side Explanations

Private trips in Side, Turkey is an opportunity to decide how to spend your time, a private guide, you can bring your own car, and there are no time limits. Recently, this type of recreation has become the most popular among tourists visiting this amazing, multifaceted and somewhat mysterious country. If you do not want to depend on a whole group of people, but want to visit exactly those places that interest you, hear information, legends, or sit in a cozy restaurant, go to a disco, ride a yacht, without adjusting to anyone, then this is the only correct solution.

Private tours in Side

Today, guests of the country have access to private tours in Side, which are always accompanied by local guides, in two different variations.

The first program is a walking tour of the Old Town of Side. It existed as early as the third millennium BC. You can walk along the main street, the contemplation of which will take you mentally into the distant past. The ancient huge columns and, of course, the mosaic, which has existed since the 1st century BC, will not go unnoticed. e. Even those who are not particularly fond of visiting various sights will not remain indifferent at the sight of Roman baths, ancient Roman buildings and a huge amphitheater. According to various sources, 15-16 thousand spectators who gathered for spectacular gladiator fights could fit in it in ancient times. Nowadays, festivals and concerts are often held here, in which artists from many countries of the world participate.

The embankment, on which the ruins of the ancient port, the hideout of pirates, has been preserved, leaves a vivid impression. While walking along it, you can learn many interesting facts and stories. And, of course, a visit to the Temple of Apollo, or rather what was left of it. Five white-stone columns made of pure marble have survived to this day. This building has survived many events and has acquired beautiful legends that you will have to learn.

If you are a great archaeologist at heart, then take this opportunity and watch the excavations, see what household items used to be, admire the magnificent statues. You can take a break from the noise and civilization on the banks of one of the largest rivers of the coast.

Private tours in Side are also carried out according to the second scenario. Instead of traveling on foot, choose a boat trip on a wonderfully comfortable yacht. Picturesque landscapes await you, and there is also a high probability of meeting huge turtles and dolphins on your way. But even if you do not meet marine life, the sea breeze, fresh air, pleasant atmosphere will give you a lot of positive emotions.

If you are bored with a beach holiday, choose a tour along the route of the Taurus Mountains, visit the Lost Paradise Reserve. This walk is also suitable for families with children.

Hiking, traveling by sea, jeep tour to the Green Canyon will appeal to all vacationers. The beauties of local nature, the aromas floating in the air, crystal clear water give an indescribable feeling, peace and tranquility.

Local guides in Side

Local tour guides in Side: we give you the opportunity to pick up private trips in Side on the company's website. For everyone, the ideal vacation lies in different things. Someone likes an informative tour of historical places, sights, and someone prefers beaches, restaurants, nightclubs. For a family with children, our employees are ready to develop a special program, taking into account the age and preferences of each. In any case, everyone will be happy. You can book your trip online or by phone. No prepayment required.

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Private trips in Side Programm

  • Gathering of holidaymakers near the Side hotels

  • The beginning of the journey

  • Excursion walk, according to the chosen option

  • Return to the hotel

Tour daysEvery day

Tour hours 08:00 - 24:00

Includes convenient transfer, compulsory insurance, guide, by agreement additional services

Excludes self-spending

Don't Forgets Depending on the program

Private trips in Side price for excursion 2024

Adult 42 £
Children (7-12 ) 40 £

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