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Diving in Side Turkey is an opportunity to independently scuba dive in Side, accompanied by an experienced guide from diving center. Acquaintance with the amazing environment of marine life. A visit to one of the most unusual museums located under water, which is not similar to it in Europe. Relatively low cost of the tour. Guaranteed safety and a lot of positive, positive emotions.

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Scuba diving in Side is a wonderful tour that, with its underwater world, attracts the attention of many people vacationing in this amazing country of Turkey. That is why diving in Side is becoming more and more popular every year, and dive centers are opening in the city is considered one of the best, dive sites appear. Using our offer, you can become a member of the tour, during which you will get acquainted with interesting marine inhabitants, and plants, and learn a lot of interesting and unusual.

Scuba diving for Kids in Side

Many tourists are interested in the question of whether kids can dive, where is the best diving in Side and how much such entertainment costs. We offer an inexpensive, comprehensive program to fully enjoy and enjoy diving. Human health is a prerequisite. Before diving underwater, a check of a number of vital signs is mandatory, it is determined whether there are any contraindications for this.

Side diving center

The beginning of the excursion is a transfer from the hotel to the diving center (dive school), where specialists will make sure that everything is in order with your health. Then there is a half-hour lesson, a safety briefing, and the rules of underwater communication. Each participant receives his own set of equipment, selected individually. Importantly, the Diving in Side is also suitable for beginners who do not have experience (which is also indicated by the reviews of other vacationers) but are always over the age of twelve and after a preliminary mini-training.

After that, you will go to the port, where a yacht awaits everyone who wants to dive and swim underwater. The distance to the scuba diving site is relatively short.

Underwater Museum Side Turkey

An amazing adventure awaits you as you enter the Side-Manavgat Underwater Museum. It officially opened a few years ago in 2015. Currently, there are more than a hundred exhibits here (to be precise, 110). Today, the museum has no analogs not only in Turkey but also in Europe.

Underwater statues in Side

The technology for creating sculptures eliminates even a small risk of harm to the underwater world (special materials were taken to create them). All exhibits were grouped into several thematic categories of sculptures, in particular, "Flowering Gardens", "Whirling Dervishes", "Turkish War of Independence" etc.

How deep is the underwater museum in Side

It should be noted that the material from which the sculptures were made is optimal for the habitat of coral colonies. Experts suggest that after a while a reef will be formed in this place, which will subsequently be populated by various inhabitants of the sea. The depth of this unusual museum is from 9 to 25 meters.

As part of the Diving in Side program (the price of the tour will pleasantly surprise you), a double dive is supposed. For the first time, you will be able to admire the beauties of the Blooming Garden for 25 minutes. After that, a delicious lunch of freshly prepared dishes awaits you. For the second time during the same time, you will be able to visit at a depth of up to 25 meters and see the original expositions from the "Whirling Dervishes" group.

At the end of the event, you will return to the pier and then to the hotel.

Scuba diving in Side Turkey

Diving in Side, which we organize for you, is an amazing journey, acquaintance with a previously unfamiliar reality, living organisms of the water kingdom, and unique museum exhibits that have no analogs. You will find amazing entertainment and unforgettable impressions and reviews. You can book a tour by phone or text message. The manager of the company will tell you about all the details. In this case, you do not need to make an advance payment. We guarantee complete safety and a pleasant pastime.

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25£ person
Diving in Side gif

Diving School

Diving in Side price 2024

Passenger 18£
Adult 25£

Diving in Side programm

  • Transfer from the hotel for Side diving tour
  • Arrival at scuba dive center
  • Passing a health check
  • Class with a professional, experienced instructor (half an hour)
  • Arrival at the port and departure on a boat for diving
  • Underwater Museum, Flower Garden (25 minutes at a depth of 9-25 meters)
  • Rest, lunch break
  • Immersion in the Museum “Dervisha Sculptures (25 min., up to 25 m)
  • Arrival at the port and return to the hotel

Diving in Side details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 09:00 — 16:00
Includes insurance, two-way transfer, lunch, necessary equipment, Side underwater museum entry ticket
Excludes All kinds of drinks
Don't Forgets towel, swimsuit

Side diving center

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