combining rest in Turkey with visiting holy places

Trip to Israel from Side Turkey

Trip to Israel from Side Turkey — combining a holiday in Turkey with a visit to holy places. You can visit Bethlehem, swim in the waters of the Dead Sea, take a walk around the city.

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Trip to Israel from Side Turkey Explanations

Trip to Israel from Side Turkey is an event that allows you to diversify the standard entertainment and beach tranquility, get into a completely different world, touch the holy shrines, reviews of the trip are always enthusiastic, especially as the cost is relatively low. During the day you will be able to make a two-way flight and get a lot of impressions, pleasure from what you saw and heard. Given that the journey will begin in the early morning, and end in the late evening, We recommend having enough drinking water and, most importantly, don't forget your passport.

In addition, take care of the right clothes and shoes. It should be closed, as it is supposed to visit churches. A hat is also a prerequisite for women.

You can get from Turkey to Israel on your own, by ferry or car it will be inconvenient and long. So, in any case, you have to use the plane. Much more economical and more comfortable to travel within the framework of our preparation program. Our company offers you another history journey which is named Excursion to Demre Myra Kekova from Side.

Detailed information about Trip to Israel from Side Turkey:

Upon arrival at Ben Gurion Airport, you will be greeted by a guide (tour guide) who is fluent in English. It will accompany a group of tourists throughout the time you spend in the Holy Land.

The tour from Side to Israel will begin with a visit to Bethlehem. According to the Bible, it was in this area that Jesus Christ was born. The participants of the tour will be able to learn a lot of interesting facts and personally touch the Ben Gurion Airport. After a hearty dinner, all who wish will be able to go to a Christian center or buy souvenirs as a keepsake. Here you will see the current Church of the Nativity. It was built in the Palestinian Authority, just above the place (cave) where Jesus was born. Its appearance and internal content for a thousand and a half years (since the construction and opening in 333) have changed very little.

No less exciting and informative will be a walk through the ancient part of Jerusalem, which today is the capital of the state. As part of the tour, you will visit Mount Calvary, where the crucifixion of Christ took place (according to the New Testament), pass the Cross Path. It was Jesus who walked him before he was crucified. You will see with your own eyes the stone of the anointing (one of the most important shrines in Christianity), which is located in the Temple of the Lord, in the central vestibule. According to the legends of the Holy Letter, after being removed from the cross, the body of Jesus was placed and prepared for burial.

Further excursion from Side to Israel involves a tour of the panoramic views of the Episonian and Temple Mount, the way to the Western Wall. Not only believers but also ordinary people can come here. Men are sure to wear a special headdress — kip. It is part of the oldest structure that has survived to our time. Many people leave notes asking and appealing to the Almighty, which are invested between the stones of the structure. Every day there is a huge number of breakers from all over the world.

After sightseeing, everyone will be able to visit the Dead Sea and swim in its waters on a specially designed beach. At the end of the trip, you will find a terrific dinner in a restaurant called “Kumran”. If you want, you can buy and various products containing minerals from the depths of this unique body of water.

In the evening, after seven hours, the group goes to the airport and makes a return flight to Turkey. On arrival, you will be taken back to the hotel on comfortable buses.

The benefits of booking a trip to Israel from Side Turkey with us:

We offer an interesting, rich, extensive program, within which you can see the brightest sights, learn a lot of facts and just relax. How much is the tour from Side to Israel, you can check with the manager or see the website? You don't need a prepayment when booking. You need to contact our employees online or by phone.

Side to Israel,Drinking water,Ferry or car,Ben Gurion Airport,English guide,Christian center,Buy souvenirs,Walk through the ancient part of Jerusalem,Mount Calvary,Panoramic views of the Episonian and Temple Mount,Visit the Dead sea,Swim,Terrific dinner


310 person

Trip to Israel from Side Turkey Programm

  • Travel from the hotel to Antalya Airport

  • Flying

  • Landing at Ben Gurion Airport

  • Meet the guide and the road to Jerusalem

  • Meet Bethlehem

  • Walking to the birthplace of Christ

  • Christian village

  • Visiting the Temple of Christmas

  • Promenade on foot in Jerusalem

  • Lunch break

  • Hike to the Church of Christ Resurrection

  • Climbing Calvary and the Passage of the Cross Path

  • Contemplation of the Stone of The Anointing

  • Panoramic views of the Epioned and Temple Mountains

  • Visiting the Wall of Weeping

  • Walk through the Gefsiman Garden

  • Dead Sea (swimming at will)

  • Delicious dinner at a local restaurant

  • Return to Antalya by plane

  • Hotel delivery

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Includes Road to the airport and back, compulsory insurance and two-way flight, professional services of a English-speaking guide, entrance tickets for facilities, two meals a day.

Excludes soft drinks, visa, subject to existence between your country and the state to which you are going

Don't Forgets lunch box for breakfast, towel, swimming trunks, swimsuits, money

Trip to Israel from Side Turkey price for excursion 2022

Adult 310
Children (7-12 ) 310
Infants (0 -6) Free

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