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Lavender fields of Side is a tour in Turkey, with which practically no other tour can be compared with its beauty and incredible landscapes! For an inexpensive price of a comfortable trip, guests will have the opportunity not only to enjoy the endless fields of flowering plants, but also to visit the unique Salda Lake with its incomparable white sand and azure water. The tour will take place with a stop in a village called Kuyucak, which proudly bears the title of the center of the lavender harvest.

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Tour to lavender fields of Side this is a one-day inexpensive excursion through the most beautiful expanses of the region with a stop at the authentic settlement of Kuyucak, where local residents carefully honor traditions and pass on the craft of collecting lavender from generation to generation. It is this small village that collects more than 90% of the harvest of these flowers in all of Turkey! The group will also go to Salda Lake as part of a cost-effective tour.

Lavender fields in Turkey when they bloom

Lavender Fields tour Side offers vacationers of the region to visit a completely new location for the mass tourist! These are boundless and fragrant purple lavender plantations in Turkey, which are very rare to see, because most often they bloom for only a month. So, throughout July, guides in Turkey conduct exciting trips to aesthetically attractive landscapes. Thousands of fragrant flowers carry their enchanting aroma for many kilometers, as if inviting guests of the country to see this incredible miracle with their own eyes.

However, this attraction is not the only one to visit as part of this inexpensive tour, because guests will also go to the picturesque Salda Lake! In each location and guests will have free time for relaxation, walks and photo shoots, because this trip can be called ideal for lovers of bright summer shots. Fans of interesting tours are advised to visit the Hot air balloon flight from Side.

Lavender fields of Isparta

To the question "Where are the lavender fields located?" you can answer with just one name – Kuyucak. This is a very small but incredibly colorful village, the locals of which every summer are engaged in the business of their whole life – harvesting a rich harvest.

Side Kuyucak distance

On the map, it is located in Isparta near Lake Salda, so transfers between the sights of the Side Lavender Fields tour will not take much time. The distance from Side to the lavender village of Kuyucak is 360 kilometers, so after buying a tour, you should prepare for the main transfer from the resort within six hours.

The guide will lead a short tour of the settlement, tell its history and show you where to buy fragrant bouquets and other souvenirs.

Salda lake

An excursion to the Lavender Fields from Side is not complete without visiting another very cinematic place that is popular all over the world. It is called the Salda lake, because this location is famous for its white sand and the brightest blue water. The best beach photos are obtained in this place! The beach is well equipped for a full and comfortable rest, there are comfortable sunbeds and places for sunbathing.

Every local resident knows that Salda – it is the deepest lake in the country. On its clean shores, you can have a picnic or go to the very middle to go fishing in a small boat and fully experience the spirit of wildlife, untouched by man. After booking the tour, each tourist will have a delicious lunch of fish dishes of national Turkish cuisine.

Lavender fields Side,lavender gardens of Side

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Lavender fields Side price 2024

Adult 40 £
Kids (4-10 ) 25 £

Lavender fields Side programm

  • Lavender fields of Side - the tour begins with the gathering of guests of the region at the exit of the hotel and transfer to the starting point of the program
  • Stop for breakfast at a local restaurant and experience national cuisine
  • Visit Salda Lake and free time to relax on its picturesque beach
  • A hearty lunch break at a local restaurant
  • A short sightseeing tour of the city of Kibera Gladiators, where in the ancient hours gladiators were taught the rules of combat and sent to fight
  • Arrival at the famous lavender gardens of Turkey
  • Free time for a photo session and a walk through the endless lavender fields.
  • Return to hotels in the region

Lavender fields Side details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 09:00-18:00
Includes Convenient transfer, insurance, guide, breakfast, lunch, entrance fees
Excludes drinks
Don't Forgets Comfortable shoes and clothes, sun protection, hat

The lavender gardens of Side

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