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Swim with dolphins Side Turkey is an opportunity to personally communicate with the inhabitants of the sea. Swimming with animals in Turkey in the presence of an experienced instructor. An unusual holiday that is ideal for people of all ages, including small children. Getting a positive attitude, positive emotions, a charge of energy and cheerfulness. Good mood guaranteed. Relatively low travel price.

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Swim with dolphins in Side, in Turkey, most of the guests of this region try, despite the wide opportunities offered by the famous resort town. Every year, residents of U.K, European countries, the Caucasus, the Middle East and other countries come to this resort.

The popularity of the Side area is easily explained by the presence of sandy, wide, clean beaches, picturesque mountain slopes, clean sea coastal waters, an abundance of archaeological and historical monuments, a mild climate and sun that warms all year round. In addition, the infrastructure is well developed here - hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, entertainment complexes offering various activities.

The town was founded in a place where in ancient times there was a small fishing village. Subsequently, it became a major port settlement. And today you can see the Greco-Roman ruins here. In its central part, a part of the theater, built in the second century, has been preserved in good condition. The walls of the building were able to accommodate about 15,000 spectators. Walking along the harbor or taking a boat trip on a ship, tourists can observe the ruins left from the temple of Apollo - five large columns made of white marble. They look especially majestic in the rays of the setting sun in the evening. Fans of ancient history will see a lot of interesting things for themselves by visiting the museum (the building used to be a Roman bath complex), which houses especially important finds.

All vacationers have the opportunity to visit various excursions organized by Minister Toura, see many sights, get to know the surroundings, and spend time actively. But most tourists prefer visiting the Dolphin park in Side and getting to know its beautiful inhabitants, including seals and sea lions, they want to swim with dolphins in Side.

Dolphin therapy in Side

Dolphin therapy in Side is considered one of the most useful and effective ways to get rid of many problems. You will have the opportunity to become not just an observer, a spectator of a fun performance, but also a direct participant in it.

Swimming with dolphins in Side: Immediately after arriving at the place, an experienced instructor (swimming with mammals in Side, reviews of which you can read in advance) will conduct a task, instructing you on the rules of behavior in the water. You can not worry that an emergency will happen, as there will always be a professional, an employee of the institution, who deals with these mammals. In addition, the marine animals themselves are very good-natured. They will happily spend time with you.

After the preliminary conversation, you will go directly to the action. We guarantee that in 30 minutes of communication with these creatures, both an adult and a child will feel very happy. A good mood for several days ahead will be provided.

You can play fun games with the smartest creatures right in the water, swim holding on to the fins, ride on their stomachs. In addition, everyone can even dance a waltz with such an unusual partner, which is very nice and pleasant.

Where I can swim with dolphins in Side

If you are interested in swimming with dolphins in Side, give us a call or book online. Prepayment at the time of booking is not required. For a relatively low fee, check the price with the manager, you will find a lot of amazing impressions and delight.

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100 person
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Family Trip

Swim with dolphins Side price 2024

Passenger 20 £
Adult 100 £

Swim with dolphins Side programm

  • Transfer from hotel and drive to the Side dolphin park
  • Arrival to your final destination
  • Detailed briefing
  • Joint swimming in the pool with dolphins
  • Return to the hotel

Swim with dolphins Side details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 09:00 — 17:00
Includes free transfer, insurance, coaching, swimming with dolphins
Excludes Video and photography
Don't Forgets swimsuit, towel

Side swim with dolphins

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