Trabzon City Tour

Trabzon City Tour

Trabzon City Tour is a unique opportunity to see with your own eyes a huge number of ancient and modern Turkish heritage in just one comfortable trip.

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Trabzon City Tour Explanations

Trabzon City Tour is a unique chance to get acquainted with beautiful local locations in just one day, which will allow you to immerse yourself in authentic Turkish culture. Trabzon still retains the echoes of ancient heritage, and can only be compared in terms of the number of them with the cultural capital of the country - Istanbul. The chance to explore this incredible city doesn't come along very often.

Trabzon City Tour: the charm of the ancient city

Trabzon City Tour is one of the few Turkish cities that has retained the unique zest and spirit of that unforgettable antiquity. Luxurious palaces, cozy old streets and friendly local people are just a small part of the details in the kaleidoscope of the colorful city.

Actually, Trabzon was founded in the distant VIII century BC. A huge contribution to the development of this policy was made by the colonists of such ancient cities as Miletus and Sinop, who have long lived on the sheer cliffs of the Tabakhane and Kuzgun gorges. Why were such sometimes even dangerous locations chosen for life? Everything is very simple - the extreme location of their settlements helped to successfully defend themselves from enemy attacks.

The first name of the beautiful city was Trapezus, which was given to it in honor of the ancient Greek name of the hanging rock. Throughout its centuries-old history, he managed to be under the control of several empires, for example, under the Byzantine and Roman. It was during these times that he gained the greatest influence and, in general, began to develop culturally. The trading life of the city also requires a separate word - due to its favorable location at the end of the Silk Road, it has become one of the most influential shopping centers.

In general, modern Trabzon is a very compact and well-maintained city with a highly developed tourist infrastructure. Any of the local attractions in the center or in the old town can be easily reached even on foot. Fans of such walks are recommended to visit the Private Trips in Trabzon.

Trabzon Sightseeing Tour: Fascinating Tour Itinerary

Trabzon City Tour is A great option for a one-day tour will begin with the fact that each of the clients will be picked up directly from the hotel by the newest bus. He will quickly drive to the starting point of the tour through the magnificent locations of this region. Travelers will be greeted by green hills, high mountains and gentle waves of the Black Sea.

After getting acquainted with an experienced English-speaking guide, tourists will stop at perhaps the most famous local attraction - the Hagia Sofya Mosque. The next place of inspection will be the exquisite Ataturk Villa, which was once a gift to the legendary President of Turkey, who is deeply respected by every patriot of the country.

The picturesque Boztepe hill will surprise you to the core with its incredible views of the entire city. It is here that the most beautiful and famous city park and observation deck is located.

The calm and majestic Sera Lake will allow you to relax spiritually and physically and find such a long-awaited calm after long walks as part of the Trabzon Sightseeing Tour tour.

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90 person

Tour daysEvery Day

Tour hours Every Hour

Includes Visiting all locations, transportation from the hotel and back, guide

Excludes Drinks, personal expenses

Don't Forgets Comfortable shoes and comfortable clothes, money for personal expenses

Trabzon City Tour price for excursion 2022

Adult 90

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