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Hamam in Alanya is best to visit on the first day of your holiday, because your skin will be ready for burning and getting color. You will get the following services in turkish hamam: dry and wet sauna, aromatherapy, peel massage, foam, and relaxing massage. After that, you will have a face mask and tea. Best Turkish bath in the city at your service at an affordable price

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Hamam in Alanya price 2024

Adult 14£
Kids (6-12 )
Infants (0 -5) Free

Make reservation, pay in the tour

Hamam in Alanya more information

Hamam in Alanya is a great option for spending time during your holiday in Turkey. Hamam is a traditional Turkish bath, visiting which has long been considered a way to cleanse not only the body, but also the soul. All residents observe this ritual and will gladly introduce you to its mysteries and nuances. By visiting the hammam in the Cleopatra region in Alanya, you can plunge into the world of ancient customs and forget about worldly troubles and worries for a while.

How old are Turkish baths?

An interesting fact: the first Turkish hammam was built in the capital of the Ottoman Empire in the 7th century AD. Then the resourceful Arab warriors “borrowed” the concept of the bath from the Romans, inspired by their well-known baths. Before the appearance of such baths, all the inhabitants of the country washed only in running water and rivers, and bathing in baths was akin to “rolling in one's own mud”. The Turkish bath completely destroyed these prejudices and radically changed the way of life of the locals.

What are the benefits of a hammam?

  • Visiting the ancient turkish hamam has a huge number of advantages:
  • improving physical health and gaining strength;
  • stress relief and complete relaxation;
  • finding peace of mind;
  • restoration of the respiratory functions of the body;
  • improvement of blood circulation;
  • skin cleansing and regeneration;
  • increasing the protective barrier of the body;
  • removal of fatigue of certain parts of the body and the whole organism as a whole.

Best hamam Alanya

In order to plunge into this bliss, we suggest you book a tour to the best hammam in Alanya at an attractive price. Reviews of other tourists on this tour and prices for hammam in Alanya you can find on our website.

What happens in a turkish bath?

  • A standard set of visits to a good hammam in Alanya includes the following wellness and relaxation treatments:
  • A dry sauna is necessary for uniform heating of the entire body and a smooth transition to higher temperatures.
  • The steam sauna steams the skin, preparing it for subsequent treatments.
  • Peeling and foam massage are two essential components of the Turkish hammam in Alanya. Peeling is carried out using a hard washcloth and helps to remove all dead skin particles. In addition, it improves blood circulation. After the body is completely cleansed, the masseur covers your entire body with foam and massages. Due to the fact that the skin is clean and renewed, it is the most effective.
  • Oil massage. After an intense massage with foam, a relaxing massage session is needed to help soothe the skin.
  • Time for relaxation. After such an intensive course, you can enjoy hot tea or swim in the outdoor pool.

Best times for a hammam visit

Tip: experts recommend visiting the institution in the morning, preferably in the morning. Since it is then that the body most positively perceives the procedures, the body is capable of maximum relaxation, which means that massage will bring the highest healing effect.

Interesting fact about turkish hamam

An interesting fact: earlier in many states where Islam was the main religion, there was an unusual law. According to it, a woman had every right to demand a divorce if the man did not agree to let her go to the bathhouse with women at least once a week.

What is hammam style?

This architectural idea was implemented not only for the sake of originality and beauty of the building itself. The humidity level in the room always tends to 100%. The domed ceiling helps to collect excess moisture on its surface; on its surface, water droplets evenly slide down the walls, and do not fall on the heads of visitors, as would be the case with a standard square ceiling.

Does hamam remove tan?

Many beautiful ladies are worried that a visit to the Turkish bath in Alanya will harm their skin, and peeling will “wash away” even sea tan. This is not entirely true, because the hammam procedure, on the contrary, has a beneficial effect on the skin, deeply moisturizing it and making the tan even more uniform and beautiful.

After hamam and getting your skin ready we offer you to use our Alanya water park so you can have fun and get sunbathe.

Turkish hamam Alanya

We will be happy to advise you on the turkish hamam in Alanya and tell you about all the features of visiting it. Also, by contacting us, you can get information on how much a hammam costs in Alanya. After the hammam for an even and beautiful tan, we invite you to visit a yacht trip in Alanya all inclusive for the whole day.

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14£ person
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Best Hamam in Alanya

Hamam in Alanya programm

  • Picking up our special clients from their Hotels by air-conditioned and comfortable buses to the Turkish Hamam in Alanya.
  • Upon arrival at the site, visitors enter the changing rooms and will be provided with slippers and towels by the team responsible for receiving visitors in the Turkish bath.
  • We start by entering the steam sauna room (this room will help remove toxins from the human body).
  • Peeling massage (this massage helps to exfoliate dead skin).
  • Foam massage (which will give the body softness after the dead skin has been peeled off).
  • Relaxing full body oil massage (20 minutes).
  • Applying the mask on the face to clean and moisturize the skin
  • Guests gather at the exit of the Hamam and getting on the buses.
  • Re-transfer our dear visitors to their Hotels.

Hamam in Alanya details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 09:00 _ 18:00
Includes Round-trip transfer, insurance, guide services, towel and slipper for individual use.
Excludes Alcoholic drinks , personal expenses.
Don't Forgets Money for personal expenses.

the program includes: free pick up, highest level of sterility and cleanliness!

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