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Incekum excursions

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Incekum excursions

Incekum is a cute and calm town located approximately 25 km from Alanya center. When you want to participate in the tours from here, you will have the opportunity to join the Incekum trip you want with Minister tours without paying any transfer fee and have the opportunity to have fun. Incekum will be the address for those who want to spend a quiet and warm holiday, because here you will find the opportunity to relax in gigantic hotels or sunbathe on the famous Incekum beach and cool off in the sea. In Incekum, which has a lot of green areas, you will get forest air and fill your lungs with oxygen. Incekum has an advantageous location to join the Manavgat river boat tour. You can also rent a boat here, you can fish on a fishing tour. Green canyon, Water Planet aquapark, dolphin show park, quad safari tours are not far away.

excursions in Incekum

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Where to go in Incekum?

Incekum is a charming holiday resort located 25 kilometers west of Alanya, which has a settled population of 2,000, but this figure reaches 15-20 thousand in the summer. Here you can find large, magnificent hotels, and they are all located almost close to the beach. Incekum has equal areas and offers the opportunity to breathe oxygen-filled air for those who care about morning sports. There are also plenty of city parks and hotel activities for your kids. You will not be bored in this beautiful town either because you can see touristic bazaars, gift shops, handbag shops, shoe slippers shops, boutiques and more. In the evenings, the restaurants in the town will serve you and the fun never ends. If you wish, you can spend your day in the center of Alanya, walking paths or discos and enjoy your holiday.

Things to do in Incekum

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