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Tours in Mahmutlar Turkey

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Mahmutlar Excursions

Cozy sunny Mahmutlar is the most famous village of Alanya among all tourists. Thousands of people come here every year to relax on its picturesque sandy beaches and enjoy the picturesque beauty of the surrounding nature of the Taurus Mountains. In the winter period of time, this village has only 25 thousand inhabitants, but in the summer season their number rises to 70 thousand. Mahmutlar is the fastest-growing village in the region, which is why all tourists prefer to buy a house here or come to Turkey for wintering renting luxury apartments at very competitive prices. The infrastructure of the settlement is the height of a comfortable life. There are kindergartens, schools and sports grounds, and dozens of cozy restaurants, shops and colorful souvenir shops open their doors to tourists in the season.

Tours in Mahmutlar

Tours in Mahmutlar

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Mahmutlar Excursions always surprise's with its diversity, because just a few kilometers away from hospitable Alanya, the center of the whole region, is already beginning. A wide variety of jeep safari programs that take place in the Taurus Mountains competes with a huge selection of historical walks - from the nearest ancient city of Side to the distant fairytale Cappadocia. On Tuesdays and Saturdays, a large market opens here, where you can buy fresh vegetables and fruits from local plantations at an affordable price. The beaches of Mahmutlar are flat and stony-sandy, and only in rare cases there are large stones or slabs on the bottom. The town is surrounded by endless thickets of coniferous pines, and the waters of the Mediterranean Sea are painted in amazing azure-turquoise color.

Tours in Mahmutlar

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