Alanya to Manavgat

Alanya to Manavgat, river cruise, bazaar and waterfall tour - Our travel agency is not satisfied with you by simply organizing a boat trip. A river boat tour and waterfall trip content will decorate your day with a tour of the mosque, waterfall, bazaar, trout farms, swimming breaks in the delta, grilled food, and many pleasant surprises.

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Alanya to Manavgat included in tour program river cruise, waterfall, public bazaar market - Two main factors affect human history. One of them is war, one is the conditions of nature. Thus, this element forced the tribes to migrate, profoundly influenced their culture, language, and even changed. In this article, we will talk about the effects of mother nature, which is one of the elements, on human beings. Some lands have become barren on the eve of a very short time, and some have become fertile. Throughout history, the impact of humans on this has always been discussed. But there is one truth that has not changed to this day: water. Water, which is one of the most important elements of Mother Nature, is sometimes subjected to them, and sometimes subjected to itself by collecting every living, moving creature, around herself, which lives like a magnet. As you know, there must be certain conditions for the water to come to earth. Some countries lack these conditions. But Turkey is very lucky in this regard. The presence of high mountains, abundant rainfall intake, the ability of underground sand and stones to hold the water has turned our country into a freshwater paradise in the region. One of the most obvious examples of this is the Manavgat River, which the Taurus Mountains offer to the Mediterranean as a gift.

Manavgat waterfall

Alanya to Manavgat - Every guest who comes to Alanya is curious about the Manavgat river and wants to see it. One of the features of tea is that it has a beautiful Manavgat waterfall that will inspire painting paintings. The volume of the river also allows boat trips on tea. Minister Tours organizes Manavgat river cruise from Alanya to include sights and sightseeing of district

Manavgat bazaar

Alanya to Manavgat and river cruise tour takes place on Mondays and Thursdays of the week. The selection feature of these days is the establishment of a public market (Bazaar) in Manavgat these days. We would like to give you a wide range of information about the content of this tour. The itinerary starts around 8:00 a.m. when you are taken from your addresses by relaxed new buses. Approximately 40 minutes later, our first stop is the city central mosque, which is one of the most famous mosques in this region. The mosque's unique interior and exterior architecture fascinate not only tourists but also guests who have seen mosques many times in their lives. Our next ruin is the world-famous Manavgat Waterfall. Tickets for the waterfall will be presented to you free of charge by Minister Tours.

Manavgat river cruise

Manavgat river cruise from Alanya continues with a ship trip from the city port after a half-hour waterfall and tea break. Our two-story boat is designed to sunbathe or watch the river and the district from the shade. Trout farms, pelican herds, and river turtles along the river bank will be proof of how right you have made by participating in this trip. The Manavgat River cruise from Alanya, which continues for 2 hours towards the Mediterranean, is located at the confluence of the river and the sea, which is to say, swimming and dining breaks in the delta. One of the most important reasons for participating in this activity is the swimming break here. You can enjoy swimming in sweet or salty, cold or hot water at the same time in very few places on earth. While you are sunbathing, our cook prepares grilled fish, chicken, meatballs. You can enjoy a meal with a side dish and salad. After a 2-hour swimming break, our boat departs towards the harbor. At the end of the trip, guests are given an hour and a half to freely visit the town public market. If the taste of the riverboat tour from Alanya is left on your palate and you would like to return to these waters, we invite you to Green Canyon tour from Alanya on the Manavgat River.

We bring you to your address in Alanya around 5:00 p.m. on public market bazaar return.

Alanya Manavgat distance

The distance between Alanya and Manavgat is 62 kilometers by road.

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25 person
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Alanya to Manavgat price 2024

Adult 25 £
Kids (6-11 ) 13 £
Infants (0 -5) Free

Alanya to Manavgat programm

  • Transferring our valued clients from their Hotels to Manavgat Tour from Alanya.
  • Heading up to the port of Manavgat and boarding on the Boat.
  • Going on a cruise on the Manavgat River.
  • The boat will move towards the sea where there will be an opportunity to swim in the sea for 30 minutes.
  • The site for swimming will be the delta (Ermak) where the river flows into the sea.
  • Have a tasty grilled lunch on the boat.
  • Returning to the port of Manavgat.
  • At the request of the guests - we could visit the Manavgat waterfall.
  • There will be free time to our guests at the biggest bazaar in Manavgat.
  • Concluding our tour and re-transfer our dear visitors to their Hotels.

Alanya to Manavgat details

Tour daysMonday,Thursday
Tour hours 08:30 — 17:00
Includes Round trip transfer, boat tour, lunch, guide services, soft drinks, the entrance ticket to Manavgat Waterfall.
Excludes Alcoholic drinks, tea+coffee, ice cream, personal expenses.
Don't Forgets Swimwear, sunglasses, towels, sunscreen, water.

We give you free time for walks and shopping at the largest bazaar in the region.

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