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Alanya paragliding

Alanya paragliding skydiving is performed in tandem with an experienced instructor, so you will be completely safe and enjoy the picturesque views of the coast throughout the entire parachute flight over the sea. At the end of the air tour, you will land on Cleopatra Beach in Turkey. Delivery to the place of flight is included in the price.

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Alanya paragliding Explanations

Alanya paragliding is the dream of flying high. Of course, every person in his life longs to experience the incredible feeling of flying, which takes your breath away and stops your heart.

Paragliding is a real sport in which competitions are held. But in fact, in order to enjoy the beauties of nature and the riot of colors in Turkey from above, you do not need to have highly specialized knowledge and skills. It is enough just to listen to a lecture from our instructors, who will tell you all the nuances and rules of behavior at altitude in uniform.

Interesting fact: competitions are divided according to such characteristics as different route difficulties, different technical capabilities of aircraft, such as wing length, type of paraglider, etc.

Alanya paragliding, at an altitude of over 800 meters, is a huge success among the guests of this beautiful country, which cannot be thoroughly explored just by walking along the streets of old and new cities. A parachute flight is a great opportunity for everyone to experience what it is like to fly a free bird over the area, every centimeter of which is a historical landmark, examining it, raging with colors, nature.

Interesting fact: The discoverer who decided to use the parachute for other purposes is unknown, but David Berish is considered the founder of extreme sports, and paragliding comes from the USA.

Alanya parachute price

Parachute jump in Alanya Turkey, the price of which is no more than £30, will give you a huge amount of experience. This tour is held daily, so you can take part in it when it is convenient for you. The program of this excursion is built so that you feel as comfortable as possible. In the morning, the bus will pick you up from the hotel, after which it will take you to the mountains of Alanya - Taurus, from where the jump will be made.

Skydiving Alanya

During the Skydiving Alanya, before putting on the uniform, the instructor will tell you the safety rules and how to behave during the flight and landing. Every skydiving flight in Alanya is done with a professional who is in full control of the parachute. You do not need to have any professional knowledge or skills, but you can only enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Turkey.

Interesting fact: Every paraglider has a reserve parachute.

The best travel agency in Alanya, Minister Tours, offers various types of excursions for any age category and budget.

you can also check out and book Alanya zipline for more fun.

Alanya parachute

The price of a parachute jump in Alanya is not so high compared to other cities in Turkey, and you can order or book it inexpensively by contacting us. Reviews of paragliding in Alanya can be found on our official website, where you can also find all the information regarding the dates, the composition of the trip and the list of things that you need to take with you. Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience - skydiving!

Tip: During the Alanya Paragliding tour at altitude, the air temperature is usually always lower than on the ground, so we recommend that you dress warmly even in the hot months and choose clothes that you will feel comfortable in. An important attribute is tight-fitting shoes.

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Fly like a Bird

Alanya paragliding Programm

  • Alanya skydiving tour is available every hour during the day.

  • Transfer our guests from the Hotel

  • Arriving at the top of the Taurus mountains.

  • Detailed instructions and acquaintance with the rules of parachute flight.

  • Issuance of protective equipment

  • Flying over the coast with 800m high

  • Landing on the picturesque Cleopatra beach

  • Transfer back to the hotel

Tour daysEvery day

Tour hours 09:00 - 17:00

Includes Transfer, insurance, guides, rental protective equipment

Excludes photo and video (optional) Entrance ticket to jumping point 200TL

Don't Forgets Wear comfortable clothing (shorts or pants) so that the parachute lines will not interfere with your comfortable flight. Put on or take off your shoes, which fit tightly on the foot (sneakers). Do not worry, if you do not have suitable shoes, our on-site instructors will help to solve this problem.

Alanya paragliding price for excursion 2024

Passenger 5 £
Adult 25 £

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