Tazi canyon tour Alanya

Tazi Canyon tour from Alanya is a new place on the tourist map of Turkey, which is open for you in the new season. The most breathtaking pictures can be taken in this canyon while road trip on jeeps, extreme rafting, zipline along the forest trails of the canyon.

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Tazi canyon tour Alanya price 2024

Adult 25£
Kids (7-12 ) 13£
Infants (0 -6) Free

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Tazi canyon tour Alanya more information

Tazi canyon tour Alanya - one of the seven gorges of the Koprulu national park, formed by the Koprucay, 183 km long, originates from the Taurus mountain and flows into the Mediterranean Sea. In ancient times, it was called the Eurymedon and was so full of water that cargo ships sailed along it. The place, hidden from prying eyes by mountains and forests, is not beaten. High cliffs, the drops of which vary from 200 to 400 meters, offer a gorgeous panoramic view of the virgin nature, and every year attract more and more lovers of an active lifestyle and beautiful photo shoots. And sitting on a huge boulder, on the edge of the abyss, they make you think how small a person is in relation to these stone giants.

Tazi canyon height

The height of the Tazi canyon above sea level is 1250 m.

The reserve is home to bears, deer, foxes, lynxes, alpine eagles plow through the air, and the reservoir is full of trout and mullet.

Tazi canyon from Alanya the future of eco-tourism

For a mass visit, the deepest gorge of Turkey was opened only in 2017, most often the tour is combined with extreme safaris on all-terrain vehicles, horseback riding or rafting. The season lasts from May to November, during this period in the province of Antalya the air temperature ranges from +25 to +40C, and the almost complete absence of rain allows you to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Tazi canyon how to get from Alanya

The road to Tazi canyon from Alanya is 120 km long and provides for more than just a trip to the observation deck. This is a real jeep trip along a steep serpentine. The event is suitable for families with children. When going, it is worth choosing comfortable clothes and shoes that are tightly fixed on the leg with non-slip soles. Take care of the supply of drinking water and protection from the sun.

Tazi canyon tour from Alanya

The tour will start in the village of Beskonak. Here the group transfers to open jeeps and goes to the Tazi canyon.

Tazi canyon extreme

If you like extreme sports, then you can choose a rafting tour from Alanya. Rafting on 6-8 seater inflatable boats on a winding waterway of the 2nd degree of difficulty, which is suitable for beginners and is characterized by a calmer current, straight rapids and wide passages between reefs. Experienced instructors provided a break so that the team could relax, calmly and plunge into the cool emerald surface.

Selge ancient city

The first point of our program will be a visit to the ancient city of Selge, located high in the mountains of the western Taurus at an altitude of about 1250 meters above sea level. In ancient times, the city was at the peak of its development and was the most powerful in Pisidia. Pisidia is a densely populated region in the southwest of Asia Minor. Due to its inaccessibility, the city retained its independence for a very long time and was the most developed in the region. The fertile soil contributed to the cultivation of crops. Healing mountain herbs, olives, olive oil, fruits and other products were sold. Today, the city is in ruins, but there are many beautiful views that make for amazing pictures.

Not far from this place is the 27-meter ancient Roman bridge Oluk. The army of Alexander the Great passed through it during a campaign against Persia, it was destroyed, subsequently restored and functions to this day.

Tazi canyon zipline

Moving towards the Tazi canyon from Alanya, all participants will have the opportunity to walk along the historical landmark and take beautiful pictures against its background. This will be the end of one path and the beginning of another – 40 minutes on open jeeps along a narrow road along coniferous groves and tourists will reach the end point. Free time is enough for Alanya zipline, to admire the surrounding beauties, but do not forget that this area is not equipped in terms of security and it is not advisable to approach the very edge of the cliff.

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25£ person
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The Nature of the Region

Tazi canyon tour Alanya programm

  • Meeting tourists at the entrance to their hotels for Alanya Tazi canyon tour
  • Transfer by comfortable buses to the Koprulu natural park
  • Arrival at Beskonak village
  • Departure to Tazi canyon in large open off-road jeeps
  • Brief historical information about the region and the national park itself
  • Departure to the ancient city of Selge
  • Free time for a walk, photo pause
  • Acquaintance with Adam Kayalar - figures carved in the rocks, dating back to the 2nd century AD.
  • Stop at a restaurant for lunch
  • Rest, lunch (chicken, rice, salad)
  • Arrival at the observation deck - free time
  • Tazi canyon zipline, rafting
  • Road to Beshkonak village to buses
  • Transfer back to Hotels

Tazi canyon tour Alanya details

Tour daysMonday,Wednesday,Friday
Tour hours 08:00 — 16:00
Includes Free transfer, guide, lunch, insurance
Excludes Photo and video materials, personal expenses, drinks during the excursion.
Don't Forgets sunscreen, hat, comfortable shoes

antique city and picturesque panoramic views.

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