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Belek river rafting is an interesting, exciting outdoor tour and activity with overcoming obstacles and exploring the nature of the region in Turkey. The constant presence of an experienced guide-instructor, proven route, absolute safety. Professional photo and video shooting - you can buy ready-made material after the end of the tour. Suitable for adults and children over 4 years old. Positive reviews, favorable price, try your hand at fighting the course of the mountain white river tubing Beskonak is available to everyone.

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Rafting in Belek, Turkey is an tour that has been popular with tourists for many years, and the new season is no exception. It is suitable for those who prefer adventure, extreme sports, and are not indifferent to natural beauties. You will get acquainted with the Kopryulu canyon and the mountain river Koprucay, along which kayaking will take place, even with children. Those wishing to bring their children with them would benefit from knowing about the current restriction that only children over four years of age are allowed to raft.

White river rafting in Belek

White river rafting in Belek: The Beshkonak white river is one of the longest in the country - 183 km. It begins in the Eastern Taurus and in some places its streams can hardly be called calm. But for the route, a little more than ten kilometers of the water route were chosen, which are absolutely safe for tourists. In addition to a powerful adrenaline rush, you can enjoy mountain peaks and rocks covered with vegetation, relax on the river bank and have a wonderful time. In addition, there is an opportunity to purchase excellent photographs for memory, which will return you to this amazing, unforgettable time for a long time.

Rafting in Belek Turkey

At the very beginning of the tour Belek river rafting, Turkey, reviews of which can often be found on thematic forums, everyone will have a short walk on comfortable buses to the Koprulu canyon. People come here to see not only natural beauties, but also one of the oldest bridges, Oluk Kopru, located above the river at a height of 27 m. The structure was built in the 2nd century BC and is still in operation today. Passenger cars are allowed on it. In the immediate vicinity is another unique place (30 minutes by car) - Tazi Canyon. There is a small observation deck here. The photos taken on it amaze with their amazing richness and beauty. If you like extreme sports and nature, then we recommend visiting an equally exciting excursion - a jeep safari in Belek!

  • Upon arrival at the base, you will be met by instructor who will give you a short but detailed briefing and explain how to behave on the water.
  • You will receive well-detailed protective equipment: helmets and vests, as well as group members will be placed in boats. If you have unsuitable shoes for the tour, you can rent them for an additional cost.
  • In total, the rafting will last about three hours in three stages. During the excursion Belek river rafting, two stops will be made for rest, swimming in the river, if you wish, you can jump from the bridge and bungee, take a walk along the coast. And, of course, professional video and photography will be conducted throughout the entire time. At the end of the journey, you will be able to view all the material and buy it. We do not recommend using your own equipment, as it may be damaged during the journey. What to take for rafting in Turkey, how much an extreme tour costs, it is better to check with our staff in advance or read the comments of those who have experience of such a tour.
  • Before returning, all vacationers will have a delicious lunch, consisting of dishes of national cuisine.

Belek river tubing

If you are already rather tired of beach holidays and night parties, we suggest you buy an excursion tour Belek river tubing and rafting and diversify the time spent in one of the most colorful countries. A well-tested and interesting route, the constant presence of a managers, safety and a lot of positive emotions await you. Reservations can be made by phone or online. Prepayment is not required. All payments are made ex post. You can clarify the nuances of the trip with the company manager, who will be happy to answer all questions.

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14£ person
Rafting in Belek gif

Free Double Boats

Rafting in Belek price 2024

Adult 14£
Kids (7-12 )

Rafting in Belek programm

  • Transferring our clients from their hotels to rafting tour in Belek.
  • Note: Only with us, you can get a 2 person boat for extra free in rafting, for this, tell the manager about the reservation time.
  • The road to the starting point of the rafting
  • Arrival at base and division by teams.
  • Detailed instructions on safety rules by our guide.
  • Issuance of protective equipment and departure to the starting point of the route.
  • The first part of the Koprulu canyon.
  • Stopping for taking photos, rest and bungee jumping.
  • A break for swimming in the mountain river.
  • Have a tasty lunch at a local restaurant which is located on the banks of the Koprucay River.
  • Returning to the base, changing clothes, viewing photos and videos (optional).
  • Concluding our tour and re-trasnfer our dear guests to their hotels.

Rafting in Belek details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 09:00 - 18:00
Includes transfer, insurance, protective equipment (helmets), lunch, guide services, rental of a double raft (if you wish, report this to the manager in advance).
Excludes Drinks, video and photo
Don't Forgets Swimwear, comfortable rubber shoes that are tightly fixed on the leg, dry changeable clothes, a spare t-shirt, towel, sunscreen. If you are taking electronic devices with you, be sure to include waterproof covers.

Fascinating adventure in Belek

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