Bodrum Buggy Safari

Bodrum Buggy Safari tour a bright and active trip in fast cars that will drive off-road in local forests and small villages

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Buggy safari in Bodrum – this is a great occasion to spend a whole day of relaxation away from the tourist hustle and bustle. An inexpensive trip among picturesque places will be an excellent alternative to the same type of beach holiday or long historical tours. Diversify your holiday with an extreme trip through the mountains and authentic villages!

Bodrum buggy tour

Trip off-road – it's always a fun and value-for-money adventure that just can't be boring. Tourists receive not only a fascinating excursion from a guide and aesthetically pleasing landscapes, but also an extremely exciting way to move from location to location. In Turkey, quad bikes, jeeps or even horse riding are currently especially popular, but only buggies will give you an unprecedented feeling of riding an old, but so powerful car. Everything is like in films about African safari among wild animals.

What is a buggy

Buggy – this is a real small car, which is designed for off-road and mountain driving. It has an open top and side walls, and such a vehicle is assembled from different parts of real cars. Now buggies are already leaving the tourist market, giving way to equally inexpensive and interesting quads, so you should have time to experience this maneuverable transport. Fans of beautiful scenery are also advised to book Balloon Flight from Bodrum.

Buggy safari in Bodrum: travel itinerary

A fascinating safari can begin immediately after buying a ticket directly from the tourist's hotel. There are two available check-out times – it is morning and afternoon, so each guest can easily choose the option that suits him. After a quick transfer by buses, the group will arrive at the starting point of the tour and meet a fun guide. It is he who will conduct a brief but comprehensive briefing on the rules of the road and driving a buggy.

After the issuance of protective equipment and helmets, the group will be ready to leave along the route. It will immediately become clear that the control of the buggy – this is one of the easiest skills. Each tourist can easily learn it in just five minutes, and rights or any other documents are not required at all. It is worth noting that children under 18 can also drive a buggy, but only with the permission of their parents. Also, children can ride in the same car with one of the parents.

Off-road in Turkey

Thus, a fascinating route along the Turkish off-road will begin for three hours. The program will pass through the endless coniferous forests, where there is simply a stunning fresh aroma of real nature untouched by man. Also on the way, the group will meet ancient Turkish villages, whose inhabitants honor traditions and carefully keep them in each generation. An incredible feeling of freedom and relaxation of the soul will not leave the group until the very end of the tour.

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40 person
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Bodrum Buggy Safari price 2024

Passenger 10 £
Adult 40 £

Bodrum Buggy Safari programm

  • Picking up guests from their Hotels to Bodrum Buggy Safari.
  • Arrival at the meeting point of the Buggy safari.
  • A 15 minutes information about the tour and information about the rules, training.
  • There is a test drive before the tour for each guest.
  • The duration of the tour is an 1.30 minutes.
  • There is a stop on the way for break and taking pictures of the mountains from a panoramic view.
  • Back to Hotels.

Bodrum Buggy Safari details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 14:00 - 18:00
Includes Guide services, round trip transfer, insurance and equipment.
Excludes Drinks and personal expenses.
Don't Forgets Water, a hat and sunglasses

Buggy tour at the Bodrum Mountains

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