Swim with Dolphins in Bodrum

Swim with Dolphins in Bodrum is an amazing and sincere interaction with dolphins, a rich program of performances and a rare chance to explore the depths with human friends

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Swim with Dolphins in Bodrum is a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with sea creatures. From early childhood, every kid dreamed of swimming with marine life, fortunately, now these dreams can really come true. Dolphin Park is happy to organize a meeting with dolphins for all adults and children, in addition, customers will have time not only to dive with the animals, but also to feed them directly from their hands. At the end of the meeting, guests will enjoy an unforgettable entertainment show.

Fans of extreme diving are also advised to book a Diving in Bodrum.

Bodrum dolphin therapy

Swim with Dolphins in Bodrum is not only an element of a wonderful vacation filled with positive emotions, but also an inexpensive way to get a dose of relaxation with a powerful therapeutic effect. After all, modern evidence-based medicine believes that close contact with these animals has the effect of “rebooting” the nervous system, which very well helps to recover from stress, cures insomnia and helps to survive difficult periods in life. This institution has specially developed a special program for dolphin therapy, aimed mainly at older visitors, who are often prone to fatigue and stress due to a busy work schedule.

Bodrum positive emotions

In general, this type of leisure, no doubt, will bring exceptional benefits and positive emotions to all guests. This is a qualitatively new and rare type of recreation, which will allow you to rethink a lot. The amazing connection between people and dolphins dates back to ancient times, because each of us has heard stories about the amazing rescue of a drowning man by his younger brother.

Dolphin in Greek mythology

There is an ancient but very beautiful Homeric legend, according to which dolphins rescued a ship lost on the high seas and escorted people right to the coast of Greece, correctly showing the way. In turn, people erected a beautiful temple in the city of Delphi in order to thank their savior. So, the main strength of dolphins lies in unity, these cute creatures often move in groups, which is why even such well-known predators as sharks, who constantly live and hunt alone, are very afraid of seemingly good-natured mammals.

Swim with Dolphins certificate

An extremely good gift idea for relatives and friends would be a corporate certificate for Swim with Dolphins in Bodrum.

The price includes swimming with the inhabitants of the seas and travel from the hotel and back. Dolph park invites children from three years old accompanied by their parents. The park can also offer a beneficial rehabilitation course for special children and adults with disabilities. Also, for a long memory, you can buy photos and even video of the game process. Self-photography and video filming is prohibited on the territory.

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110 person
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Enjoying swimming with Dolphins

Swim with Dolphins in Bodrum price 2024

Adult 110 £

Swim with Dolphins in Bodrum programm

  • Transfer our guests from their hotels to start a swimming tour with dolphins in Bodrum.
  • Heading to the Dolphinarium, this wonderful and amazing place located in the city of Bodrum.
  • Arriving to the Dolphinarium, visitors enter the site and get acquainted with the smartest inhabitants of the sea - dolphins.
  • Participants begin a 5-minute experience swimming with dolphins.
  • Conclusion of our tour and boarding the buses.
  • Re-transfer our valued customers to hotels.

Swim with Dolphins in Bodrum details

Tour daysMonday,Wednesday,Saturday
Tour hours 16:00-17:00
Includes Guide services, insurance and ticket to swim with dolphins.
Excludes Photos with dolphins, dolphin show, transfer and personal expenses.
Don't Forgets Swim suits, towels, sun cream.

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