Turkish Disneyland

Turkish Disneyland is an unforgettable tour to the heart of a paradise place that will bring summer memories for children and adults of fun slides, gorgeous pools and the best day of life. Each guest will discover locations that are of interest to him, because on the territory there is also a zoo, a rope park and other entertainment

Turkish Disneyland this is a favorite place for both adults and children, which is a giant complex of various water attractions, a rope park, a colorful zoo and many water slides measuring 63 hectares! Disneyland in Turkey consists of two zones, where in “dry” you can find cinemas, parks, ground attractions, and in “wet” - the best water park in the country.

The Land of Legends Turkey

A true paradise on earth at the best affordable price is located in the Serik district, where the village of Kadriye is located in the province of Antalya. The Park of Legends Turkey gives each guest a rare chance to return to a carefree childhood and become part of an endless holiday every day from 10.00 to 20.00. The ticket price includes each attraction of the park and admission to the evening performance. For an additional fee, you can visit the cinema, rope park, safari and more than 10 local cafes and restaurants serving both Turkish cuisine and European, African, Oriental. There is a luxurious chocolate cafe Choco Choco, pizzeria Pizza Express, fast food restaurant Fast and Good and a bar with delicious cocktails Tropical Bar.

Turkish Disneyland slides

As part of the Turkish Disneyland, the group will have more than 70 fun slides, which are divided by difficulty level, a lot of deep and not so deep pools for a variety of preferences and, of course, a great area for kids. Among the most extreme slides are the 62-meter-high Hyper Coaster in Turkey and the 43-meter-high Typhoon Coaster waterslide. Among the popular areas is the Secret Lagoon, which is a quiet place to relax in a tropical style. In the park, you can walk along the bottom of the ocean thanks to the Mythical Journey in a helmet at a depth of 4 meters. Legend of Aqua offers to watch dolphins, sharks and even penguins. For other activities you can do in Antalya, it will be enough to review our Antalya excursions page.

Turkish Disneyland attractions

The variety of slides is amazing: there is a Starship labyrinth, Rafting Rapids rafting, Magicone, a wide slide almost at a right angle, space Rocket, medieval Tower Falls, Sea Voyager speed group, the most extreme Challenger, children's and bright Speedway, a network of slides Aqua Tower, classic My Dive. The price of the Land of Legends park is not too high compared to the pleasure received from the walk.

Adults love to spend time as surfers in a specially equipped pool with artificial waves, and especially brave travelers, as part of a visit to the Legends Park of Turkey, go to explore the underwater world with the help of a special safari.

What time is the Land of legends fountain show?

In addition to exciting water activities, an excursion to the Park of Legends Turkey will be able to show an incredible show of dolphins, where they do unexpected tricks, communicate with each other and the audience. Land of Legends Turkey offers a look at the Venetian costume show, which takes place from 22.00 to 23.00 - at the same time as the fountain show. There is even an 18+ nightclub on site called Aura.

Turkish Disneyland in Belek coordinates

The Land of Legends Belek coordinates: 36.876326, 31.002878

Turkish Disneyland tours

Experience the magic of Turkish Disneyland tours with our exclusive packages. While there isn't a Disneyland in Turkey, our meticulously crafted itineraries promise the same enchantment and excitement. Explore iconic landmarks, indulge in authentic cuisines, and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Turkey. Book your unforgettable adventure today and discover a whole new world of travel delights with us!

Disneyland in Turkey Istanbul

Disneyland in Istanbul Theme Park in Türkiye is a colorful location that quickly won the hearts of travelers and local residents with an abundance of unique entertainment areas for children and adults. ...

price : 48£

Alanya to land of legends

Alanya to land of legends tour aqua water park is the largest water theme park in Europe, then go on an excursion to the Land of Legends water park in Turkey. Here you will find more than forty slides and water activities, themed children's pools and extreme roller coasters from Alanya.

Side to land of legends

Side to land of legends excursion for the whole day, during which both children and adults will receive a lot of positive emotions. The opportunity to visit various attractions that are included in the price, swim in the pool, boat ride, surf, theme park, visit the roller coaster. Buy a ticket to the dolphin show and swim with them. Relatively low entrance ticket price in Turkey on the website of Minister Tours

The Land of Legends waterpark Belek

The land of legends theme park in Belek is daily tour to the Turkish Disneyland amusement park, which is equally interesting for kids and adults. The opportunity to see the life of underwater inhabitants, positive emotions caused by the general atmosphere and a huge amount of entertainment. Recreation by the pools, roller coasters, bars, river boat ride, restaurants, cinema halls, shops. A beautiful show of dolphins in the Land of Legends water park - you can swim with them. Favorable price of the entrance ticket of the trip due to the exclusion of intermediaries.

Kemer to land of legends

Kemer to land of legends is a excursion to the unusual water world and Turkish Disneyland water park, where everyone can feel like a child again and have fun. The tour to the aquapark runs daily. The theme park has unique pools for surfing, rafting, a variety of small pools and slides for kids, a 3-level rope park, additional extreme attractions, brand shops, dolphin shows, night show, many cafes and restaurants. The distance from Kemer to Belek is 88 kilometers, transfer and entrance ticket to the biggest water park in Turkey are included in the price

Antalya water park

Antalya water park The Land of Legends amusement park will leave an unforgettable experience while on holiday. A huge and beautiful amusement park will leave no one indifferent.

The Land of Legends Turkey,Turkish Disneyland

The Land of Legends Turkey

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