Dolmabahce and basilica cistern in Istanbul

Dolmabahce and basilica cistern in Istanbul

Dolmabahce and basilica cistern in Istanbul is an advantageous opportunity to combine two famous locations into one comfortable trip for the whole family

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Dolmabahce and basilica cistern in Istanbul Explanations

Dolmabahce and basilica cistern in Istanbul is a chance to visit magnificent iconic places. Istanbul is a unique and one-of-a-kind city that combines the territory of two continents - Europe and Asia. However, these are far from all the features of this colorful metropolis, because it has so many amazing cultural, historical and religious attractions that have survived to this day and must be visited for all guests. A friendly Russian-speaking guide will gladly introduce our guests to the ancient history as part of an exciting journey.

Dolmabahce and basilica cistern in Istanbul Program:

Dolmabahce and basilica cistern in Istanbul first stop on the route will be the grandiose Dolmabahce Castle, a relatively new building in comparison with other architectural masterpieces of the metropolis, which is why it can rightfully be called unique and inimitable. This graceful building has embodied several areas of architecture - baroque, neoclassicism and rococo, which allows it to compete in its beauty with the most famous European buildings of that century. An interesting fact from the history of the construction of the palace: a chic glass chandelier, which to this day is considered the largest in the world, in the main hall was donated by none other than Queen Victoria herself. Moreover, Sultan Abdul-Majid I, who ordered its construction, was a devoted admirer of Ivan Aivazovsky's work, so he ordered many of his paintings for his home. Getting to the Dolmabahce Palace is extremely easy: you can take a high-speed tram, or go down the funicular to the Kabatash stop.

Any vacation in Istanbul cannot do without Boat tour along the Bosphorus. There are day, evening and night routes, each of which has its own characteristics.

The next legendary stop of the Dolmabahce and basilica cistern in Istanbul, will be an amazing example of ancient Turkish reservoirs - Basilica Cistern. It was built in the first century AD and was built for more than one hundred years, and there are about forty more similar structures of a smaller size throughout the city. For many centuries this place was strategically important in times of war and famine, but its value does not end there. It is not only a reservoir with a strategic reserve of water, but also an incredibly beautiful piece of architectural art with superb columns and frescoes. An interesting discovery for moviegoers will be the fact that the popular film "Inferno" was filmed in this very location, and indeed, the local environment resembles the underworld in all its glory. This place is located in the very heart of the cultural capital, in the Sultanahmet region, next to the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia. Hurry up to buy a ticket from 9.00 am to 18.30 pm.

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