Izmir Turkey Boat Tour

Izmir Boat Tour

Izmir Boat Tour is an excellent option for a sea trip, which will not only give you the chance to carefully explore the coastline of the city and dive into the waters of the open sea, but also introduce you to open sources and their healing power.

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Izmir Boat Tour Explanations

Izmir Boat Tour is one of the few tours that can bring any traveler back to childhood with an exciting ride along the picturesque coastline of Izmir. The best views, pleasant company, an experienced English speaking guide and his unforgettable stories will decorate this interesting trip immediately after ordering a trip.

What is included in Boat trip in Izmir

Izmir Boat Tour relaxing summer sailing tour like no other tour can give you the feeling of endless freedom from the chilling crowded beaches and the pleasure of time spent on board a first-class modern yacht at a bargain price.

The first thing that comes to mind during such an authentic journey is the desire to dive into the azure waters of the open Aegean Sea. There has never been such clear and clean water anywhere else, because it is the sea a couple of kilometers from land that is an excellent option for both ordinary swimming and dynamic diving. The stunning flora and fauna of this place will win the hearts of any tourist, and the fishing boats scurrying back and forth may inspire you to buy a Yacht charter in Izmir.

So, along the route, the English speaking captain will gladly make several stops in the most picturesque places on the coast to show the best landscape views to his clients. The nature of Izmir is really saturated with a lot of greenery and enchanting spaces.

The next incomparable advantage of an Cheap Excursion will be the opportunity to taste the most delicious Turkish fish dishes right on board the ship. Such a dinner in an unforgettable sea setting will be remembered for a lifetime, and the taste of national Turkish dishes will be a dream for a long time to come.

Visiting the thermal springs during Izmir Boat Tour:

Izmir Boat Tour and, perhaps, the most non-standard stopover as part of the tour, a ticket for which is very easy to book, will be thermal springs in the most famous bay of the city, where it is traditionally customary to dive in order to raise one's immunity and health. There are several options for immersion, because in this location there are both pools with the purest mineral water and real mud baths. Thus, this tour will give tourists not only a long-forgotten feeling of freedom, but also a real therapeutic effect from the sources.

How do these amazing pools work? In the process of immersion, a lot of useful microelements penetrate into the body, which comprehensively rejuvenate the body and are ready to help in the fight against diseases such as hypertension, chronic stress, insomnia and many others. All over the world there is a real excitement about this method of healing, because tickets to such places are not cheap, and only as part of a Izmir Boat Tour can you visit them at a very low price.

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90 person

Izmir Boat Tour Programm

  • Izmir Boat Tour will begin with the fact that a comfortable transfer of our company will pick up customers directly from the hotels.

  • Acquaintance with an experienced English speaking guide and a quick passage to the port harbor, where there are many yachts and ships.

  • Boarding the yacht and finally embarking on an exciting tour along the coastline with interesting stories about the city from the guide.

  • Departure to the open sea and making a stop there for swimming and other leisure activities.

  • Moving to the most picturesque bays of the city and stopping in them for acquaintance and photo shoots.

  • Tasty lunch of the best Turkish dishes right on board the yacht in a picturesque setting.

  • Visiting thermal springs and mud baths, which perfectly rejuvenate and relax the body.

  • Way back to the port and then to the hotel.

Tour daysEvery Day

Tour hours Every Hour

Includes Boat tour and stops in bays and thermal springs, swimming in the open sea, hearty lunch and guide

Excludes Personal expenses

Don't Forgets Swimwear, towels, sun protection, light cape, sunglasses

Izmir Boat Tour price for excursion 2022

Adult 90

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