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Hamam in Izmir is a relaxing tour that, in addition to a wonderful body spa complex, can also give you a deep immersion in the bathing culture of the ancient Turks. This is the part of Turkish culture that cannot be ignored.

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Hamam in Izmir is a unique tour for children and adults, which will allow you to fully experience the flavor of the Turkish culture of taking public baths. Turkey is an incredibly rich country for such cultural rituals, so while on a resort vacation in this country, you should have time to see as much as possible.

Why you need to Book Hamam in Izmir:

Hamam in Izmir Why, then, have the Turks been visiting public baths for many centuries, although now in every house you can find your own convenient and comfortable bath for taking foam procedures? It's all about the deep respect for the traditions and daily rituals followed by the Turkish people. He is truly proud of them and even strives to show travelers and guests of the city as many of these small parts of his history as possible.

Hamam or Turkish bath in Izmir is not just a bath, but a huge layer of Turkish culture, as well as the opportunity to chat with like-minded people and even drink aromatic Turkish coffee while visiting the bath.

Since many modern people are currently unable to avoid stress and apathy due to the particularly accelerated pace of life, they cannot afford to relax even for a minute. This is why the well-known SPA complex and hammam are so necessary, because it is he who is able to relax the body and give peace to the soul, and all this at the best prices. What can so quickly help you feel like a true member of the great Ottoman dynasty, as if in the TV series “The Magnificent Age”, where the hamam reception took a really big place in the plot? Tourists have a unique chance to feel like a sultan and experience the full range of procedures that he took.

Hamam in Izmir and its amazing effect:

Hamam in Izmir Another pleasant bonus from the visit and the program of this tour is the incredible skin condition that it acquires after hot bath air and many spa treatments. This is real magic, because it will be easier to tan on smooth, nourished and soft skin, giving it a noble shade. That is why an Cheap price hamam is worth making your first tour upon arrival in the resort town, this is a great and inexpensive way to prepare the body for relaxation. After this tour it is highly recommended to book a yacht charter in Izmir.

What awaits our tourists after leaving the hotels and moving to the bathhouse? And then we can change into special towels and go to explore the center. At the first stage, it is extremely important for us to open every pore of the body with the help of a smoky sauna, which is all made only from natural wood species. Next, customers will go to the majestic marble hall, where you can sit in a pleasant company on a comfortable warm heated tile, drink tea and coffee. A set of procedures immediately begins when the hammam workers begin to massage the body. However, first you should make a scrub with a special Kese mitt for grinding dead skin particles. It is this procedure that will make it especially smooth and beautiful. At the end of the cheap tour, clients will be smeared with the most fragrant oils.

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80 person
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Excursion for the Family

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Adult 80 £

Hamam in Izmir programm

  • Hamam in Izmir begins with the fact that our clients are picked up by a comfortable transfer right from the door of the hotel, and quickly taken to the entrance to the bath.
  • A visit to the first hall of the bathhouse for steam procedures to open the pores of the skin and relax.
  • A visit to the marble hall in order to drink tea or coffee and chat with the guests of the institution.
  • The beginning of the foam massage and scrubbing with the Kese hand to exfoliate the dead skin particles.
  • The beginning of oil nourishing massage within 20 minutes.
  • End of tour and transfer back to hotels.

Hamam in Izmir details

Tour daysEvery Day
Tour hours Every Hour
Includes Drinks, massages, sauna, scrub
Excludes Personal expenses
Don't Forgets Comfortable suits, towel, swimwear

Hamam in Izmir Turkish Bath

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