Istanbul is the biggest city in Turkey

Trip to Istanbul from Kemer

Trip to Istanbul from Kemer by plane is an educational walk through a majestic city that has many secrets and is located on two continents at the same time. It will leave a pleasant aftertaste and conquer your heart forever. You'll want to come back here again and again.

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Trip to Istanbul from Kemer Explanations

Trip to Istanbul from Kemer - Turkey is an amazing country with hospitable people which you are unlikely to have time to meet in one meeting. Our agency wants to introduce you to one of the most famous for its area, history and beautiful city — the magnificent Istanbul. It is not just a city, but the soul of the East, where every street has its own history.

Istanbul at different intervals was the capital of many empires:Ottoman, Byzantine. Therefore, the excursion from Kemer to Istanbul is not just a fascinating trip including familiarity with the main attractions and a sea walk on a yacht on the Bosphorus, but also a real educational lesson in history, which will be easy to learn thanks to a qualified historian who knows and has extensive experience in the presentation of information.

First, you will be picked up directly from the hotel, taken to Antalya airport, our guide will inform you about the flight time from Antalya to Istanbul, this short distance you will overcome by plane in one hour and 15 minutes. At Istanbul airport, you will be greeted by an English-speaking tour guide and will be with you until your return flight.

According to the plan of our route, Istanbul from Kemer is primarily a visit to the palace of Topkapi, erected during the existence of the great Ottoman Empire. Sultan's Palace soon became a museum — occupying the place of one of the largest in the world. Exhibits and a portrait of Suleiman's most famous wife, Hurrem, have been preserved in the palace. After our guide tells the history of the palace you will have enough free time to view the palace from the outside, getting to know its huge library and the beautiful gardens surrounding it. The price of admission to Topkapi Palace is included in the price of the tour.

This majestic city will leave in your memory a sweet aftertaste.Enjoyed this tour? Then we recommend another popular historical route Demre-Myra-Kekova from Kemer. The entire tour consists of the most important ancient ruins and attractions in history, which can be seen to this day. On our website, you can find all the detailed information about the tour from Kemer to Istanbul, the description of the program, and reviews of the tour.

The second place to stop is the Cathedral of St. Sophia (Ayia-Sofia), which is not only a temple but also a Mosque, a Museum (historical and architectural monument), as well as a place with incredibly strong energy. Our guide will tell you interesting facts about this attraction.

After, there will be a short break to rest for a delicious lunch of national dishes of Turkish cuisine. The tour of Istanbul from Kemer continues at the Roman racetrack, which is located on Sultanahmet Square. Once on the racetrack were held chariot races and even the emperor took part in them.

Then, moving to the Blue Mosque is a symbol of this city. Its uniqueness in the number of minarets — there are 6, not 4 as it should be. There is an opinion that most likely it is the architect who made a mistake. Today, everyone, regardless of their religion, can go inside and take a photo, unfortunately not in all its halls. The main rule — to take off your shoes and be dressed in closed clothes (at the entrance free give out capes). You can visit the mosque every day from 9 a.m. until sunset, there are breaks for prayer.

The tour includes a walk around the Bosphorus. It is the Bosphorus Strait that connects two continents — Europe and Asia. The price of a sea boat trip is included in the cost of a day trip from Kemer to Istanbul.

The final stop will be the Egyptian Bazaar or Spice Market, the largest market in Turkey. The market was called so because the ships coming from India mostly sailed through Egypt. His story goes back in time. About 80-100 shops with various spices, which you can buy or just walk around, inhaling a spicy aroma.

Why it is worth booking Trip to Istanbul from Kemer with our agency:

Thanks to our agency, you will learn more about the city in which you are going to relax, prioritize planning routes to visit attractions and look in places that do not write guidebooks. Our English-speaking guides will make your trip as interesting as possible. Due to the fact that we work without intermediaries — we are attractive prices.

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Trip to Istanbul from Kemer Programm

  • Early gathering of tourists to hotels and departure to Antalya airport

  • check-in and flight from Antalya to Istanbul (about an hour of summer)

  • Arrival in Istanbul — the capital of the once great Ottoman Empire, a city located on two continents: Europe and Asia

  • meeting with a English-speaking historian at the airport

  • Visit to the Blue Mosque — has 6 minarets, is the symbols of Istanbul, and possibly the whole of Turkey

  • Arrival at the Hippodrome — a unique public building of the Eastern Roman Empire

  • stop for lunch at the restaurant

  • Visit to Topkapi Palace — the residence of all the Sultans who ruled the Ottoman Empire

  • evening walk on a yacht on the waters of the Bosphorus Strait connecting the Black and Mediterranean Seas

  • dinner on deck of national dishes cooked on board the yacht

  • arrival at the airport, check-in and departure to Antalya

  • return transfer to hotels on comfortable buses

Tour daysCheck with the manager

Tour hours 03:00 — 23:00

Includes transfer, round-the-air flight, entrance tickets according to the program, lunch, dinner, insurance, English-speaking guide-historian

Excludes entrance to Garem at Topkapa Palace, Ayia-Sofia, drinks, personal expenses

Don't Forgets water, comfortable clothes and shoes, sunglasses, hats, sunscreen

Trip to Istanbul from Kemer price for excursion 2022

Adult 145
Children (3-12 ) 145
Infants (0 -2) Free

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