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Jeep safari in Kemer

Jeep safari in Kemer — an open jeep ride in a relaxed atmosphere, the tour takes place every day, you can book at any time convenient for you. Our drivers will take you to the most picturesque places where you can take a lot of pictures.

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Jeep safari in Kemer Explanations

Jeep safari in Kemer is definitely noteworthy and is the brightest and most memorable, as well as a bit extreme. A very exciting sight — forest, mountains, gorge.

The nature of Kemer during the jeep tour, when you drive through the mountainous terrain, rising higher and higher — opens the views more and more beautiful. The jeep tour in Kemer is a great opportunity to see another Turkey with a comfortable jeep- all-terrain vehicle, which can accommodate 10-12 people.

You will visit a mountain river, a cave, and waterfalls. During this excursion in Kemer, lunch will take place on the top of Mount Tahtali. Here you can order fresh from pomegranate juice, the cafe prepares fish in a real oven, and all guests will follow its preparation with interest. In addition, there are vegetables, salads, watermelon, oranges, and more.

If you like and want to try new tracks, then we invite you to the tour of Quad Safari in Kemer, you will be driving a Quad bike! Or you can act as a passenger, going on this tour with an instructor.

For the jeep safari in Kemer is also provided swimming in the mountain river near the bridge Kesme. This bridge is known for the fact that it passed Alexander the Great with his army. Above the river erected a terrace on which there are tables and benches.

Here grows the famous sycamore tree. Its peculiarity is that it is very ancient and too wide in diameter, if you are ten people, only holding hands altogether, you can embrace it. Under the tree sits grandmother with a fox and treats all nuts, children offers to ride on a fox.

On the route of the jeep safari in Kemer, there will be a stop where you can see the ruins left by the Byzantine fortress. At first glance, these ruins seem simple, but the surrounding nature — just amazing. You can see how live, pomegranates, walnuts, lemons, persimmons, figs grow. What is already ripe — will be easy to try.

Benefits of booking Jeep safari in Kemer in our agency:

Cheap, but high-quality excursions in Kemer you can order from our agency. We offer a wide range of excursions within and outside of Kemer.

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25 person

Jeep safari in Kemer Programm

  • Gathering of tourists from hotels in large open jeeps

  • moving to the collection site of all jeeps on a platform located 2000 meters above sea level

  • Jeep start

  • arrival in the ancient fortress, well-preserved to this day, the Chinar tree (believed to be the oldest tree in the world), which is girded to about 10 or more people, the valley of blue cedars.

  • Time for photographs on panoramic sites along the way

  • arrival in a Turkish village, familiarity with local everyday activities, culture, and a lunch of national dishes

  • visit to a deep-sea cave, the depth of which reaches 100 meters (optional)

  • Arrival in Green Canyon, one of the most picturesque places of the Anatolian region, time for photos and swimming

  • completion of excursions and return transfers to hotels in large open jeeps.

Tour daysEvery day

Tour hours 09:30 — 15:30

Includes transfer in both directions, insurance, English-speaking guide, lunch

Excludes drinks, personal expenses, entrance to the cave ($2)

Don't Forgets water, hat, sunglasses, clothes that are not sorry to get dirty, bathing accessories, sunscreen

Jeep safari in Kemer price for excursion 2022

Adult 25
Children (6-12 ) 15
Infants (0 -5) Free

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