The best Diving schools in Kusadasi

Diving in Kusadasi

Diving in Kusadasi is gaining more and more popularity every year. Indeed, for a relatively low cost and a short period of time, you can acquire enough knowledge for independent immersion into the depths of the sea and reveal all its secrets. Even under the careful supervision of a professional instructor who knows exactly where the most picturesque, calm, and best places are.

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Diving in Kusadasi Explanations

The resort town of Kusadasi is Surrounded by the Aegean Sea - one of the cleanest bodies of water in the world ocean, and it was formed more than two million years ago, flooding the stony plain of the Aegean with its rich blue waters. Numerous enthusiastic reviews of tourists who decided to dive in Kusadasi tell about the amazing bottom topography with underwater algae groves, between which bright fish scurry; about massive mountain ranges, gorges; about sunken military equipment and wrecked planes and ships.

The tour program consists of theoretical and practical parts. It is fully adapted for beginner divers, however, it will also be of interest to experienced scuba divers. The first stay underwater is a trial one, it is carried out at a depth of 5 meters and no more than 25 minutes. Coaches closely monitor the general well-being of their students and check how well the theory and safety techniques are learned.

The second one is longer and involves visiting grottoes, caves and feeding fish. In general, the sea voyage will last about 7 hours, during the whole time a photographer will be taking pictures. Photos can be bought as an inexpensive souvenir to commemorate such an unusual life experience, which sometimes grows into a new favorite hobby.

The Jeep Safari tour in Kusadasi - a real off-road trip on powerful off-road vehicles and exploring the local attractions of the National Park - will also diversify the series of beach holidays and sea activities. You can book this excursion at a bargain price in 2021 on our website.

Who suits for Scuba diving Tour in Kusadasi:

The idea of ​​getting to know the underwater world has always attracted humanity along with the opportunity to go into space. The history of the creation of scuba gear goes back far into the past, starting with huge, uncomfortable structures, ending with a set of an air cylinder and a wetsuit, which today can be tried on by almost everyone.

The most popular questions that clients ask the managers of our travel agency Minister Tours before ordering diving in Kusadasi:

  • for who diving is dangerous? If you strictly follow and follow all the instructions of the mentor, then this extreme sport is generally safe. However, there are contraindications always and everywhere. For example, it is prohibited for pregnant women, regardless of the trimester, for people suffering from chronic diseases of the lungs, heart, central nervous system, musculoskeletal system, and this list is far from complete. If this event is planned as mandatory, then an early consultation with your attending physician is necessary.
  • At what age can you dive? As an active participant, a child can be admitted from the age of 14, until that time - only as a guest on the yacht. But even in this case, the kid will be interested in the cruise itself and swimming in the open sea, accompanied by parents.
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Diving in Kusadasi Programm

  • Transfer from the hotel to the port,

  • Departure to the place of the first stop,

  • Training, safety briefing,

  • First dive to a shallow depth,

  • Second dive up to 25 meters,

  • Grilled lunch,

  • Free time for sailing on the high seas,

  • The way back to the port

  • Transfer to the hotel.

Tour daysEvery Day

Tour hours 10:00 – 15:00

Includes Transfer, equipment, professional instructor services, lunch, insurance.

Excludes drinks and photos.

Don't Forgets Bathing accessories, towel, sun protection.

Diving in Kusadasi price for excursion

Passenger 23
Adult 40
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