Turkish Bath (All Inclusive) in Marmaris


16 person


  • Transfer guests from the hotel in a comfortable car
  • Arrival in the hammam
  • Even VIP hammam initially requires standard procedures to be offered to you
  • Warming up the body in the steam room, time is not limited
  • Menthol steam room, which helps cleanse the airways, time is also unlimited
  • Then you move into a beautifully decorated room with a large marble bed in the middle and comfortable on it
  • The next stage of body peeling with a special kitre Kese
  • Foam massage with special cotton bags, all the while you will be on a heated marble table, which will help warm up the body
  • Oil massage lasting 20 minutes
  • This is the end of the standard procedures and the VIP program begins
  • Imposing a vitaminized mineral mask on the face
  • Light preventive scalp massage for 5 minutes
  • Treating the feet feet and clearing the keratinized skin on the heels, then special peeling with the help of small fish Garra Rufa in the aquarium. The procedure resembles a slight tickle. After which your feet will be perfectly smooth
  • Rest in a relaxation room over a cup of Turkish tea or coffee
  • Return transfer to the hotel in a comfortable car.
Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 09:00 — 17:00
Includes transfer in both directions, .insurance, list of procedures according to the program, tea or coffee at will
Excludes personal expenses, other types of massage that are not included in the program
Don't Forgets bathing gear, water on the road
Adult 16
Children (7 - 12 ) 8
Infants (0 - 6 ) 0

Diffirence of Minister Tour

To visit the famous VIP hammam in Marmaris is an opportunity to touch the national culture, to learn about folk customs and traditions. Special medical and recreational procedures, rest in comfortable conditions only for clients of our agency. After visiting the bath, you will feel a new burst of energy and health. You will help to relieve stress, to find mental balance.

Make reservation, pay in the tour in 30 minutes we confirm your reservation by e-mail


It is better to indulge in bathing at the beginning of your holiday. Turkish Hamam (All Inclusive) in Marmaris will help you prepare your body for a rest on the water and take sunbathing, and the tan will hold much better. Traditional baths today are arranged in almost all hotels, but more benefit and pleasure will bring urban. All of them are built according to historical traditions in architecture with a domed roof, from natural marble walls, a patio, where you can enjoy the aroma of exotic plants to enjoy the rest. The question arises before the new tourists: in what hammam to go. The most popular baths are Ottoman Hamam which our company offer yours, individual national bath or Sultan. Luxury and wealth of artfully trimmed interiors will take you to the time of the Great rulers of the Ottoman Empire Suleiman and Roxolana. Skilled masters managed to combine the charms of Roman thermals with Arab baths and reached the top of bath art.

Turkish Hamam (All Inclusive) in Marmaris is the best option to start your holiday, where you will get the opportunity to cleanse yourself not only with your body but also with your soul. Giving in to pleasure, you will get a lot of pleasure. The tour itinerary includes a daily comfortable transfer from the hotel and back after attending the events.

Before the start of the Turkish bathe, you will visit a sauna with a dry micro climate to prepare the body, then the menthol steam room. Inhalation of menthol vapors clears the airways. This is a kind of prevention and prevention of many colds.

After the steam room, the mandatory program includes peeling and foam massage. During a foap massage, your body is shrouded in air foam, which allows you to have a special pleasure. After all the manipulations, the skin is moisturized with aromatic oils. Thanks to these manipulations, you will clear the epidermis from dead particles, improve circulation.

After the massage, you can relax and enjoy Turkish tea, fruit, variety of drinks in the relaxation zone.

If you need to strengthen the musculoskeletal system, visit the salt room. Its micro climate is as close as possible to natural tanning beds. The tour program also includes massage using natural aroma mazes, masks based on seaweed.

Benefits of booking a tour Marmaris Turkish Bath in our agency:

To prepare for the rest and get a lot of fun, check out the Veep Hammam in Marmaris. Our agency will provide you with quality service throughout the tour. All holidaymakers will remember the holiday with a wide variety of activities. You can book services in advance online or by phone. Affordable prices, without prepayments will make it possible to allocate your budget for the whole holiday. Do not forget to travel swimsuits, all other accessories give out individually when visiting the institution. Children under 6 are served free of charge, from 7 to 12 - at a discount. All the detailed information can be found with our managers.

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