Turkey to Rhodes

Turkey to Rhodes day trip is an incredibly rare opportunity to experience a very different atmosphere from Turkish culture in one summer vacation at the lowest price. Passing the island by ferry, guests will see all the most famous locations and even the ruins of the seventh wonder of the world, which was once a symbol of Rhodes.

Turkey to Rhodes day trips is an invaluable experience to visit the real cultural center of Greek culture, which is located just an hour from mainland Turkey! For example, a ferry from Turkey to Rhodes takes only an hour and a half from Fethiye and sails a distance of 86 km, while from Marmaris this journey is 45 km. Therefore, all guests of the country who dream of such a trip come to this tourist center.

Ferry to Rhodes from Turkey

This incredibly colorful island is washed by two seas – Libyan and Cretan. It is the immortal capital of Greek culture in the beautiful Dodecanese archipelago. It is here that you can find a lot of historical sights from the 14th century, among which there will be an incredible acropolis, an ancient port, a statue of the Ear of Rhodes and even mills. All these locations are included in the list of the heritage of all mankind.

Do I need a visa for Rhodes

Citizens of European countries do not need a visa. For citizens of other countries an important point: the participants of the trip must have a valid Schengen visa to board the Rhodes-Turkey ferry and visit the Greek islands. The opening of short-term tourist visas or one-day visas is temporarily unavailable, however, it is worth checking with the manager for up-to-date information before booking the tour.

Rhodes - attractions and interesting facts

The Greek island boasts a 2400-year long history of its development. The oldest and most interesting part of it starts right from the port, which passed from hand to hand to the Persians, Arabs, Turks, Germans and Italians. This place once upon a time conquered even Zeus, according to the interesting legends of the locals.

Nearby you can see the wonderful Palace of the Grand Masters, which dates back to the 14th century. Why does the island have such a name? In honor of the nymph of the same name, who was the favorite of the god Apollo.

What to see in Rhodes in 1 day

Arriving on the island in its capital, visiting incredible locations and relaxing on snow-white beaches, you should definitely go to a small town in the east of Lindos. It is here that you can see the fortress of the Knights of St. John, which flaunts in many photographs.

Turkey to Rhodes day trips

Rhodes from Didim

Rhodes from Didim is a profitable one-day trip for the whole family, allowing you to get to know a little part of Greece and its magnificent ancient history. ...

price : 80£

Ferry Ticket to Rhodes from Didim

Ferry Ticket to Rhodes from Didim is an opportunity to reach one of the most famous islands with the help of a huge ferry that slowly sails through the azure waters near the region of Didim. ...

price : 80£

Bodrum to Rhodes day trip

Bodrum to Rhodes day trip by ferry this is a great option to travel to a completely different country and culture, which will make tourists really feel like every local location and event ...

price : 80£

Fethiye to Rhodes

Fethiye to Rhodes island by ferry this is a fascinating tour into the vibrant and historically eventful culture of Greece, during which guests will visit the temple of Aphrodite, local castles and fortresses, and of course taste the most delicious local dishes from fresh fish. The local nature and the purest sea will not leave anyone indifferent. ...

price : 45£

Izmir to Greece islands

Let us whisk you away on unforgettable journeys from Izmir to Greece islands. Start captivating tours from Izmir to Greece island paradises. Wondering how to traverse from Izmir to Greece islands? Opt for the scenic route via Piraeus port, experiencing the Izmir Turkey to Greece maritime adventure. See the beauty of Kos Island, with ferry tours departing conveniently from Izmir. Delight in family- ...

price : 40£

Rhodes from Marmaris

Rhodes from Marmaris is a great opportunity to diversify your holiday, relax not only physically, but also culturally.

Ferry to Rhodes from Marmaris

Marmaris Rhodes Ferry Ticket is a tour of the history of urban planning, to the land of Olympic games winner Diagor of Rhodes, knights-hospitaliers and a visit to the Valley of butterflies.

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Turkey to Rhodes ferry

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