Stunningly beautiful underwater world

Alanya diving from Side

Alanya diving from Side is for those over the age of 14. You will find a stunningly beautiful underwater world with its amazing inhabitants. The immersion experience is optional.

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Alanya diving from Side Explanations

Alanya diving from Side has been gaining momentum lately, holidaymakers are leaving their rave reviews, and diving centers in Turkey offer different types of immersion (for beginners without experience and professionals). This is a great opportunity to see what is hidden under the thickness of the water element, to consider representatives of fauna and flora. In addition, there are suitable places near the coastline. Of course, the Mediterranean is not inhabited by so many living organisms as in the Red Sea with its coral reefs, but the feeling of such a walk remains unforgettable. Especially a lot of impressions for those who up to this point had not even had the opportunity to see a real scuba diving, not that to dive. Diving is being carried out in Konakli and other surrounding areas, with prices relatively low by 2021.

If you are not new to this trip and want to immerse yourself in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea at a professional level, you will need to get a special certificate in international design. Dive centers in Turkey provide this opportunity (it takes only four days).

If you are interested in fun and activity play in the river we will recommend you to book a Buggy Safari and Rafting Tour from Side Here you will have amazing moments.

Detailed information about the Journey:

Alanya diving from Side begins in the early morning when a group of outdoor enthusiasts gathers from hotels and goes to the gathering place. The distance between destinations is not going to take long. When you arrive, you will be greeted by an instructor. First of all, specialists will carry out the necessary medical examination to understand if you have health problems and whether you can engage in such activities. If the results show that you have no contraindication, you will move on to the next stage a brief but detailed briefing. All participants of the tour will be detailed diving techniques, rules for handling equipment and equipment, behavior in the water element. You'll also learn everything you need about safety standards. After that, each will be individually selected suit (full set of equipment).

Upon arrival, the first part of the Alanya diving from Side will be waiting for you. The duration of stay at sea is from fifteen to twenty minutes, a depth of 5-8 meters. You will be able to see whole flocks of fish, starfish, and see-it ordained. After that, there will be a small rest, during which the group will be fed a delicious lunch and will be given the opportunity to swim in the sea.

The second dip will take the same amount of time. You can dive to the same depth. Throughout the time there will be an experienced instructor near you, so unforeseen unpleasant situations are excluded. During diving and swimming underwater, professional video filming will be conducted. At the end of the program, you will have the opportunity to view the footage and if you want to buy the video for yourself as a keepsake. The exciting adventure ends in the evening. After arriving at the port, all tourists will be sent to hotels by comfortable transport. Thanks to this amazing activity you will be able to get a new invaluable experience, a huge amount of positive and fun, and most importantly, the memories will remain for a long time.

Why booking Alanya diving from Side with us will be better:

Why if you are interested in the Alanya diving from Side, call or write, and we will book for you this interesting excursion. You won't have to make a prepayment during your booking. All the nuances regarding the trip can be clarified with the English-speaking manager of our company. We guarantee you a great mood and a lot of pleasant unforgettable moments.

Warm waters,See flocks of fish,Starfish,Delicious lunch,Swim in the sea,wet suites,25 minutes,Blue sea


40 person

Alanya diving from Side Programm

  • Gathering tourists from hotels

  • Arrival in Alanya, at dive center

  • Instruction, diving and underwater behavior

  • Medical examination

  • The first stage — 25 minutes (deep from 5 to 8 m)

  • Lunch break on the ship

  • Part two is 25 minutes. (deep up to 12 meters)

  • Sea bathing

  • Return route to port

  • Return to hotels

Tour daysClarify

Tour hours 08:00 — 18:00

Includes Transfer, English-speaking instructor, lunch, insurance

Excludes Drinks

Don't Forgets Swimsuits, towels

Alanya diving from Side price for excursion 2022

Passenger 25
Adult 40

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