stunning oriental fairy tale

Tour to Istanbul from Side

Tour to Istanbul from Side gives you the opportunity to travel to a stunning oriental fairy tale, get acquainted with the center of the Ottoman Empire, temples and museums, historical attractions and bazaars.

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Tour to Istanbul from Side Explanations

Tour to Istanbul from Side, which is regularly reported on websites, is very popular with foreigners vacationing in Turkey. This is a great opportunity to visit the heart of the country, museums, temples, mosques, feel the atmosphere of local bazaars, sit at a cup of fragrant coffee. The distance between the settlements is quite impressive, so you have to fly. But, if you are interested in how to get from Side to Istanbul in 2021 on your own, you can choose other options for travel — bus, train, personal care, for example (how much to go, depends on the type of vehicle, as well as how much the tour costs).

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Detailed information about Tour to Istanbul from Side:

The first object to visit is the Palace of Topkapi or the Cannon Gate, which for many years was the main residence of the sultans. It was built on the orders of Mehmed the Conqueror between 1475 and 1478. The area of the majestic structure is 700 meters square. Around it erected a wall, the length of which is 1400 m. Here collected a huge number of exhibits (only kitchen porcelain 12,000 units).

Tour to Istanbul from Side, oofers to you with the best price (the cost can be seen on the site, opening the necessary trips) goes to the next location — the museum Aya Sofia or the Cathedral of St. Sofia, erected in the distant 537. The structure is surrounded by four minarets. It is also striking that on the walls of this building coexist, harmoniously complementing each other, symbols of the Christian and Arab faith. Despite centuries, the greatness and richness of the decoration swells have been preserved here. The temple became a museum in 1935 thanks to the order of Kemal Ataturk (the first Turkish president).

After seeing two bright lights, you will be able to take a break and enjoy delicious dishes. Further along the route, you will find the old district of the city — Hippodrome. You will see Byzantine columns and obelisks. Then the group will move to the Blue Mosque, which is located in the main square of Sultanahmet. Construction of it began in 1609 and lasted for seven years. Rare marble and precious varieties of stone acted as a material. The prayer niche (mihrab) was carved from a huge marble solid block. An unusual black stone was brought from Mecca. The mosque is painted in white and blue. The light falling from the windows (there are more than 250 of them) makes patterns shimmer and it seems that the mosque is actually blue.

Tour to Istanbul from Side cannot be full if you do not visit the Egyptian market or the Bazaar of Spice. You won't find such a unique atmosphere anywhere else. If you speak Turkish, you can haggle with the sellers. In any case, everyone will be able to buy unique spices and national sweets (their recipes are original), buy jewelry and various goods quite inexpensively.

Finally, you will be offered a yacht trip on the Phosphorus sea, which will leave an unforgettable mark. After a hearty dinner, you will go to the airport, where you will find the return trip.

The benefits of booking this Excursion with us:

If you are tired of the same holiday and want to diversify it by a trip to the heart of the Ottoman Empire, but how to get there you do not know yet, a Tour to Istanbul from Side from our company is what you need. There is no need to make a prepayment during the booking. Contact the manager and you will be provided with detailed travel information.

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220 person

Tour to Istanbul from Side Programm

  • Gathering participants from hotels and delivery to Antalya, to the airport

  • Air travel (after landing you will be met by a guide)

  • Topkapi Palace

  • Walk to the Cannon Gate on the Harem

  • Ayia Sofia Museum

  • Rest and meal in the restaurant

  • Veli Effendi Racecourse

  • Blue Mosque

  • The Bazaar of The Charshi Kapala is an opportunity to shop

  • Travelling on a yacht in the Bosphorus

  • Dinner at a cozy local restaurant

  • Return flight and arrival at the hotel

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Includes compulsory insurance, transfers from the place of residence to the airport and back, flight by plane, English-speaking guide, entrance tickets to St. Sophia's Cathedral, tour on a beautiful ship

Excludes soft drinks, entrance tickets to Harem, Topkapi

Don't Forgets drinking water, lunch box (ordered at reception for a day), money

Tour to Istanbul from Side price for excursion 2022

Adult 220
Children (2-12 ) 220
Infants (0 -1) Free

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