Nature and beauty in the City.

Jeep Safari in Side Turkey

Jeep Safari in Side Turkey is An amazing adventure, entertainment, and a journey allowing you to learn how local people live in mountain villages, just focus the local nature and have a good time.

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Jeep Safari in Side Turkey Explanations

Jeep Safari in Side Turkey, How about experiencing a day full of nature, exploration, adventure, excitement, and adrenaline while breathing in the pine air of the Taurus Mountains? With Jeep Safari in Side Turkey, you will visit the village, many natural and historical marvels of the city, mountains on a full, swim in the cool waters of the Green Lake and all in all, you will have a day full of adventure, exploration, and fun in this summer.

Do you want your holiday in Turkey to become especially memorable and turn into a fun adventure? What thing to do in Side Turkey?

This City has a lot of entertainment and hotels. with our company, you have an opportunity to get the best full-day program. For instant, Book for free and save your place.

Jeep Safari in Side Turkey will bring not only positive emotions, familiarity with natural beauty, but will allow you to know the country from a different angle. Away from the bustle of the city, you will see gorgeous charms such as rivers, lakes, waterfalls, green forests, orchards, monuments from ancient times, and friendly people throughout the tour.

You will meet with Turkish villagers and their life, taste traditional Turkish cuisine, and swim in the cool waters of Green Lake. this is one of the important Excursions that must be visited by adventure lovers and explorers.

Details and Information about Jeep Safari in Side Turkey:

At first, you will be collected from your hotel with a comfortable 10 persons all-terrain jeep. The first stop of the excursion is at Manavgat Waterfall. There is about half an hour's stay at this glorious waterfall which is the landmark of the region.

Then, you will have an off-road towards the Taurus Mountains in the countryside of the Manavgat Region. The Jeep Safari in Side Turkey will be done by powerful open-air jeeps.

Add emotions and moments of joy and obstacles that occur on the way. Tourists will have to overcome steep ascents and descents, mountain cool springs, from which during the move rises a fountain of spray, acting refreshingly. Once at an altitude of more than 1500 meters above sea level, you will be able to admire the opening of the vast expanses.

The route passes by an ancient mosque, which was erected more than 650 years ago. Girls and women are offered free to wear the traditional mosque attire. You will have the chance to take photos of these marvels during the short photo stops we give along the journey.

In the next stage of the program, the route of which passes through the ancient ruins of the aqueduct, you will get acquainted with the civilization of Roman times. In those early days, the structure served as a kind of water pipe.

It delivered fresh water to the city. Which comes from the Manavgat River. To date, not many aqueducts have survived. Most of them hid the water under them.

During Jeep Safari in Side Turkey, a group of tourists will make a stop in a small village. Here you will get acquainted not only with its inhabitants, but also learn a lot of interesting customs and traditions, enjoy delicious tortillas and other dishes of national cuisine and traditional Turkish bread for lunch, and if you want you can take a recipe for there preparing.

The next stop will cause delight in children, as it is planned in a mini zoo. You will have a pleasant acquaintance with representatives of the wildlife of the Taurus Mountains and a wonderful rest in the shady forest.

In the end, you will find the brightest part of the tour — a stop on Green Lake, the area of which is about 500 hectares. The Oymapinar Reservoir was built in 1984. Construction began in 1977.

The water feeds 27 springs, and its jade water is clean and almost always cool. You can swim in the cool waters of the lake, sunbathe or have a walk in the lush nature. After this stop, our excursion will come to an end and we will return to the hotel.

If you want to have boating with this amazing Excursion then we offer you to Book Jeep Safari and Rafting Tour in Side here you will have 2 excursions in 1 Day.

An unforgettable adventure with our comfortable Land Rovers awaits you. It is absolutely a kids-friendly tour and a very good chance to discover the spectacular natural and cultural attractions around the city. A day full of excitement, fun, adventure, and unforgettable moments awaits you. Jeep Safari in Side Turkey is an ideal getaway trip for all age groups.

In case you want to join the Trip with your kids, there is nothing to worry about. The excursion has high safety standards and our guides will always be ready to assist you along the trip. Your children will surely enjoy this adventurous day out and have lots of fun all day long.

Some Important Notes About The Tour:

There isn't any age restriction to join. Solo travelers, friend groups, couples, or families all welcome to join this exciting tour except the guests with physical disabilities and pregnant ladies. As you will spend most of the day in an open-top jeep, it is recommended to bring your sun cream, sunglasses, and a hat with you.

It is also recommended to bring your swimsuit and a beach towel as you will have the chance to swim during the lunch break. We also recommend you to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Lastly, don't forget to bring your cameras to capture the most beautiful views of the Side-Manavgat region.

The advantage of ordering with us:

Our company organizes a fascinating Jeep Safari in Side Turkey, the price of which is Appropriate, along the route, interesting for adults and children. For children under the age of 6, the trip will be free. You can book the tour without prepayment and unsubscribe at any time. Check the phone or write in the messenger.

We have English-speaking managers who will quickly introduce you to the course of business. The costs of the trips are incredibly great value for what you get.

The cause of COVID-19 disease is that all health and safety tips are provided to the applicants, and the utmost cleanliness and social distance are observed.

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18 person

Jeep Safari in Side Turkey Programm

  • Transferring our dear visitors from their Hotels for a Jeep Safari tour in Side.

  • The visitors will be picked up by jeeps to the starting point.

  • We start our tour with a visit to Manavgat Waterfall (Optional).

  • Off-road safari tour by jeeps.

  • Stopping at beautiful places with panoramic views where you have the opportunity to take great pictures.

  • The safari tour continues through the beautiful nature of this region.

  • Stopping for a lunch break at a mountain lake.

  • There will be free time for an hour swimming while lunch is being prepared.

  • Those who wish to take a sailing tour of the lake can take a small boat and sail it.

  • Have a delicious lunch in a restaurant with a beautiful view of the lake.

  • Visiting a small zoo located near the lake.

  • Visiting the Oymapynar Dam.

  • Concluding our tour and re-transfer our distinguished guests to their Hotels.

Tour daysEvery day

Tour hours 09:00 — 16:00

Includes Insurance, transfer in both directions, lunch, guide services.

Excludes Entrance ticket to the mountain zoo, drinks, the sailing on the lake, entrance ticket to the Manavgat waterfall.

Don't Forgets Comfortable clothes and shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen, swimwear, towels.

Jeep Safari in Side Turkey price for excursion 2022

Adult 18
Children (7-12 ) 9
Infants (0 -6) Free

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