visit to the largest tunnel aquarium in the world

Antalya Aquarium from Side

Antalya Aquarium from Side is an opportunity to meet various underwater residents. Play snowballs in the closed “World of Snow” area, as well as get to the old part of Antalya, get acquainted with its history.

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Antalya Aquarium from Side Explanations

Antalya Aquarium from Side, the ticket price is relatively low, is the place where most holidaymakers in the region come. But this is not the only thing that keeps the city so popular. He was admired by the authors of works written in ancient times, travelers who got here during the Ottoman era, and our contemporaries. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the first president of the country (Turkish Republic), who was honored to be called the “Father of the Turks”, was proud and delighted with him. Today, the metropolis is home to more than one million people. At the same time, it is also the most popular resort, where guests are waiting for luxury hotels and clean beaches. A special place for Antalya is famous — the old town, the tour route includes a visit to Antalya from Side.

Another special city of Turkey is Alanya which you can get there by booking an Alanya city tour from Side.

Detailed information about Antalya aquarium tour from Side:

The Aquarium is not just called the heart of the metropolis and you will see it if you use the program “Excursion Aquarium from Side”. The complex in the form of a huge tunnel is the largest not only in the country but all over the world. It is 131 meters long and three and a half wide. The design for guests is inside a huge reservoir filled with seawater (5,000 tons). Walking through the building, you can observe more than a thousand fish and animals that live in the sea and ocean. It seems that they are not exhibits, but people. In a separate tank quietly swim large stingrays and sharks, which look quite peaceful and do not carry danger. The ensemble includes forty aquariums that are smaller. They are all unique.

Antalya Aquarium tour from Side is not only an aquarium, which can be viewed by video (how to get yourself, easy to understand from the reviews of tourists). Those who are already bored with the heat are given to get into the “World of Snow.” The pavilion is 1,500 square meters. Inside there are sculptures of ice, igloo, snow structures, and, of course, snow. Here you can play snowballs or ride a sled. Since the temperature inside does not rise above -5 degrees, you will be given warm clothes.

Just as quickly you can return to the heat, to the tropical climate, visiting the terrarium. This wild park has everything: deserts, caves, forests. It is very easy to forget about the real situation and even time. The fact that you are in the jungle, convinces and the soundtrack. Those present will hear a slight rustle of rain, the noise of falling stones, which are slightly drowned out by monkey cries, rustling breeze, and the voices of birds.

All participants of the tour are waiting for not only the entertainment part. The Aquarium tour from Side includes a walk through the ancient art of the metropolis — the district of Kaleichi (Antalya). Walking through the well-groomed narrow streets, so much so that it is difficult for a pedestrian to pass with a car, tourists will see the buildings of the Ottoman Empire, and it is not only palaces. In some places, the houses are built almost close to each other, and their architecture is radically different from the modern one. During the walk you will be able to buy souvenirs, useful products, and things, just take a break in the cafeteria. Impressions of this small journey will stay with you for a long time.

Benefits of Booking Antalya aquarium Tour from Side from our company:

The Aquarium tour from Side is an entertaining trip to one of the most famous cities and an opportunity not only to have fun but to see a lot of interesting, get to know the history. Here you will find relatively low prices. And to make you comfortable, there will always be an English-speaking guide nearby. You can book a trip online, by phone, or by writing to us in a messenger. No prepayment is required.

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55 person

Antalya Aquarium from Side Programm

  • Picking up our valued clients from their hotels to Antalya Aquarium from Side.

  • Arriving at Antalya Aquarium and receiving entry tickets.

  • There will be free time in the aquarium area.

  • Visiting Kaleiçi - the famous "Old Town" of Antalya.

  • Taking free time to walk around and enjoy the natural and historical scenery that characterizes this area.

  • Re-transfer our visitors to their hotels.

Tour daysTuesday,Thursday,Saturday

Tour hours 08:30 — 17:00

Includes Transfer in both directions, insurance, guide services, Aquarium entrance tickets.

Excludes Personal expenses.

Don't Forgets Money for personal expenses, camera.

Antalya Aquarium from Side price for excursion 2022

Adult 55
Children (4-12 ) 50
Infants (0 -3) Free

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