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Tour to Cappadocia from Side

Tour to Cappadocia from Side is an interesting, planned trip to a place where you will see many attractions, get acquainted with the local history and architecture.

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Tour to Cappadocia from Side Explanations

Tour to Cappadocia from Side, which is regularly posted by tourists on thematic forums, is an amazing opportunity to visit the semi-desert area in the heart of Turkey. The region is famous for chimneys (rock cone-shaped eaculas). Most of them in the valleys of Goreme and Pashabag. No less interesting for holidaymakers preserved to this day dwellings of the Bronze Age. They were built by cavemen (troglodytes). Subsequently, Christians repeatedly used them as a refuge. Another unforgettable sight — carved in the huge rocks of the church, which are located in the canyon of Ihlar at a depth of 100 m.

The Price for 3 days is much lower than if you go on your own. but if you want this travel in less time our company will recommend you to book Excursion to Cappadocia from Side Turkey in this trip you will spend 1 night and 2 days.

Detailed information about the three days journey:

The cognitive and interesting program begins with the first minutes of departure. Initially, you will see the Uchisar Castle, a city where there is always something to see, as it has a rich history, a huge number of attractions, near which you can take bright photos for memory. In the immediate vicinity, just 4 kilometers away (location can be seen on the map), there is Goreme an open-air museum, which is interesting, no matter what the weather is. The area where the city is located was formed as a result of the activity of the volcanoes of Argos, and Hasandag near ihlara, which left its mark on the landscape. Using the service of Goreme booking, holidaymakers will be able to choose suitable hotels, if they want to organize their own trip.

Next, you will find the red rocks, located in the village of Chavushin. It was inhabited in the middle of the last century. Residents fled their homes due to increased landslides and destruction. The stones could not withstand the load (numerous rooms, transitions). Between Chavushin and Uchisar is the Valley of Love (Fallos), about which there are legends and, about the origin of which you will learn from the guide.

Avanos (Turkey) is another place to visit tourists. During Tour to Cappadocia from Side Turkey, all travelers will be able to dine, having tasted delicious dishes. Avanos is famous all over the world for its pottery workshops, but not only pottery is curious, but also the Museum of Hair, which has an amazing and even romantic history.

And again you will visit the wonderful sights, the creators of which was nature itself. We are talking about the valleys of Devrent (Magic Creatures) and Pashabag (Valley of Monks). In the first case, visitors will stand rocks in the form of various animals, birds, and people, in the second — the famous stone mushrooms.

Stop in Ugryol (village) will allow the group to relax, enjoy the beauty of the local nature with a special observation deck, taste the delicious wines of Turkish winemakers. Here, for an additional fee, you can fly in a huge hot air balloon.

The first day is coming to an end, so you will have a rest in cozy hotel rooms.

The second part of Tour to Cappadocia from Side will begin from the next morning by going to The Park of Goreme and the underground city of Saratly and Derenkaya, whose history begins in the distant past.

The three-day trip continues, and you will find a walk in the canyon of Ihlara (location see on the map), which is known for its beauty and not only (there are temples and other attractions). You will have a rest near the river and lunch in the restaurant.

At the end of the second day, you will be shown a wonderful panorama of the Valley of the Doves and the monastery complex.

On the 3rd day after breakfast at 9 a.m., you will go to Mustafalasha, a Greek village. It used to have the largest number of Greeks in the country. The program also includes a trip to the monastery of Keslik and Selime with whole complexes of temples.

After a delicious lunch, you will get acquainted with the ancient history of the region, visit Sobess on archaeological excavations, in the village of Ortahisar, the monastery of Halach, which during the war years housed a hospital. After that, you will be relocating.

Why you should book this journey with Minister Tours:

If you are interested in Tour to Cappadocia from Side Turkey, the price is relatively cheap, you can check with the manager, call us on the phone, or book online. We offer favorable conditions, the most comfortable travel, an interesting program, and no prepayment.

Due to the Coronavirus, we have halved the capacity of the bus, and all disinfectants and sanitary masks are also available.

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100 person

Tour to Cappadocia from Side Programm

Day One

  • Gathering and departing from the hotel

  • The start of the tour trip

  • Stop — breakfast from the hotel

  • Visit to Saratli, an underground city

  • Chavushin Village

  • “Three Beauties”

  • Visit to Gerem, a cult trip to the national museum

  • Check-in in a four-star hotel, dinner

 Day Two

  • A trip to the Parade of Balls (if desired, you can fly on one of the aircraft (one hour))

  • Excursion to the onyx factory

  • Familiarity with the valleys of the region — Ihlara, Pink, Pashabag, the Kyzylyrmak River

  • Visit to Awanos, a city known for pottery craftsmen

  • Lunch break

  • Return to the hotel

 Day Three

  • For those who flew on the first day of the Balloon Parade, a re-tour

  • Breakfast and eviction from the hotel

  • Pottery workshop

  • Pigeon Valley

  • Caravan Sarai

  • A meal of local dishes in the restaurant

  • Return to Side

Tour daysTuesday, Friday

Tour hours 06:30 — 18:00

Includes moving in both directions, insurance, constant presence of English-speaking guides, two meals a day, accommodation in a four-star hotel, tickets to enter some attractions

Excludes lunch, Gerem (museum), air flight, "Turkish night", Balloon Parade, accommodation in a single room (requires a small surcharge)

Don't Forgets lunch box (breakfast on the road, ordered at the reception the day before departure), money for personal expenses

Tour to Cappadocia from Side price for excursion 2022

Adult 100
Children (4-7 ) 55
Infants (0 -3) Free

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