The Excursion is without Shopping and we just focus on the Attractions.

Salda lake and Pamukkale Tour from Side


42 person


  • Free Transfer from Hotels
  • Breakfast at the restaurant
  • Visiting the Cotton castle
  • Lunch in a cozy restaurant (offered national Turkish cuisine)
  • Travel to Hierapolis to discover the History
  • Swimming in the cleopatra pool(optional)
  • Free time for visiting the Turkish maldives Salda lake 60 minutes
  • Serving Dinner
  • Transfer back to Hotels
Tour daysTuesday, Saturday
Tour hours 06:00 - 21:00
Includes insurance, round-trip transfers, escorts during the entire trip of English-speaking guides, tickets to the terraces, to Hierapolis and to the lake, breakfast, lunch, dinner.
Excludes tickets to the Cleopatra Pool, drinks.
Don't Forgets drinking water, cream and glasses for sun protection, towel, swimsuit, swimming trunks, money.
Adult 42
Children (3 - 8 ) 21
Infants (0 - 2 ) 0

Diffirence of Minister Tour

This journey Includes comfortable transport, visiting Important Attractions, entrance tickets, three meals during the day.English guide. The opportunity to visit the most beautiful places swim in the Cleopatra pool. cheap price of travel: children under 6 years free, from 7 to 12 years is half price.

Make reservation, pay in the tour in 30 minutes we confirm your reservation by e-mail


Salda lake and Pamukkale Tour from Side is without shopping, a unique opportunity to get to know Turkey in all its glory. to visit the ancient city and one of the wonders of nature, not found anywhere else in the world, to swim in the waters of the Cleopatra pool, all you can have time for one day for getting a sea of impressions, positive emotions, and great mood.

We have different types tours: Magical tours, Exciting tours, Historical, Artificial, Animals, etc every kind of tours for every taste which English guides can help you to chose the best one.

At this time if you are interested in historical tours our company will offer you Tour to Pamukkale from Side One day to spend more time in this heaven.

Information and details about the Journey:

Program of Salda lake and Pamukkale Tour from Side is spectacular and rich. First of all, the tourist group arrives at the snow-white famous travesties of terraces, which means “cotton castle”.
About four hundred thousand years ago, as a result of a strong earthquake, formed a fault of the earth's crust, from which began to beat hot springs. Water contains many minerals and other compounds.

Calcium, prevailing over other components, as a result of evaporation settled on the rock, forming whole structures resembling walls or snowdrifts. As a result, there were steps-terraces travesties.

The next point of the trip is the Turkish Maldives (you can get here and by car, looking at the route on the map) is the famous Cleopatra pool. It got its name because of the amazing water. It is said to have a rejuvenating effect, able to cure skin diseases and musculoskeletal diseases. Mineral water can be drink. It helps to cleanse the intestines. If you go in the water, you will feel the action of millions of bubbles, creating the effect of whirlpool.

The water contains many minerals and other compounds. Calcium, prevailing over other components, as a result of evaporation settled on the rock, forming whole structures resembling walls or snowdrifts. As a result, there were steps-terraces — travesties.

You will be introduced to many ancient monuments when you reserve Salda lake and Pamukkale Tour from Side, for example, Hierapolis, is a holy city. During Roman times it was widely known as a balneological resort. During its existence, it has repeatedly rebuilt after earthquakes.

The development of the settlement was influenced by its conquest first by the Seljuk Turks, then by the Ottomans, who took turns to make their own changes, both cultural and historical. The advantages Side daily tours you can visit Hierapolis, an ancient amphitheater that has survived to this day. In those days, it could accommodate about 15,000 spectators and the power of acoustics allowed to hear the voice of a person who is on stage even on the last rows.

There are plenty of tourists from elsewhere who choose this excursion every year, which can be verified with photos taken here. There are at least six good reasons to visit the area:

 Its extraordinary beauty distinguishes it from other waters of the world. Here the purest, tasty water can bring a tired person back to life. Drink on a hot day, a glass of slightly sweet water, the person enjoys the joy and vitality.

The next program of Salda lake and Pamukkale Tour from Side is a visit to the factory where laundry detergent is produced. It contains white sand, quickly clean any stains and pollution. The natural resource is not depleted because it resumes very quickly. Today, this area is a national park and because of that to Construction of facilities of any purpose is prohibited closer than 500 meters from the beginning of this park.

Another wonderful thing when you find In clear water is a delicate rare fish-snake. It is not dangerous for visitors, but it is almost impossible to catch it.

The benefits of Booking this program with us:

If you Want to get the most out of a very interesting and eventful trip to the most unusual places in Turkey, book the Salda lake and Pamukkale Tour from Side with our company. with best price, a delicious three meals a day, a comfortable journey with free transfer. Throughout the Excursion, you will be accompanied by a English guide and explain everything that you don't know about Turkey. You can book by phone or by writing to us. You don't need a prepayment.

The capacity of the bus is half due to the outbreak of Corona virus. All health and safety points have been provided for you, dear passengers.

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