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Excursions in Kizilagac

The small village of Kizilagac is located very close to Side, 10 kilometers away, the distance to Manavgat is on average 13.5 km, depending on the chosen route, and Antalya is on 75-80 km (how to get to a certain point, you can look at map). There is a stunning aroma everywhere, and there are pine forests, orchards and cotton fields around. For all who want peace and quiet, this resort is perfect. Fans of nightlife, parties and discos here are unlikely to like. It will not be possible to go to the village of Kizilagac and on shopping, although the local market and shops offer a variety of goods, ranging from souvenirs, clothes and ending with jewelry.

Tours in Kizilagac

Tours in Kizilagac

Kizilagac trips with Minister Tours

Mainly Kizilagac, the weather in the season here is always excellent, adapted for family holidays with children. Hotels, for the most part club type, have the ideal service. There are animators and professional educators, there are special pools and playgrounds, so kids will be very much fun. Those holidaymakers who want to explore the area, see the sights, go to Side (how to get yourself, tell the locals) and other, no less interesting and fascinating places, are offered in Kizilagac Excursions. Tourists will be able to choose a tour based on their personal interests and preferences, as well as budget. The choice of programs is quite large and varied.

Tours in Kizilagac

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