Rafting in Trabzon

Dive into an exciting rafting in Trabzon, Turkey! Feel the adrenaline of white river rafting while taking in the magnificent views. Our unforgettable tour will give you vivid emotions and unforgettable impressions. The price of rafting in Trabzon is affordable for everyone, making this experience even more attractive. Professional instructors will help you safely experience the power of the river and enjoy its beauty. Before leaving for rafting, do not forget to bring light clothes, sunscreen and a good mood. Reviews of rafting in Trabzon speak for themselves - this is a great way to actively spend time and get enough of unforgettable experiences. Where is this amazing place? In Trabzon, where nature meets extreme sensations!

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Rafting in Trabzon is an exciting adventure that combines the emotions of adrenaline and the magnificent beauty of nature. This type of outdoor activity is becoming more and more popular among fans of extreme sports and those who want to feel like part of a mighty river.

Rafting in Trabzon: Inexpensive way to extreme

One of the main questions before deciding to go rafting – this is rafting price in Trabzon. However, the good news is that rafting in Trabzon is available at a very reasonable price, which makes it accessible to a wide audience. Thus, you can immerse yourself in the world of adrenaline and extreme sports without worrying about the state of your wallet.

Rafting tour in Trabzon: Encounter with nature in Turkey

Rafting tour in Trabzon – this is not only extreme sensations, but also an opportunity to meet the incredible nature of Turkey. Rafting on the river will allow you to enjoy the picturesque landscapes that surround you on both sides. Mountain landscapes, rich green forests and bright flowers will create a unique atmosphere during your adventure.

Trabzon Rafting Reviews: Experience sharing

Rafting in Trabzon reviews – this is a real treasure trove of information for those who are just about to go on this exciting adventure. Many people have already appreciated all the beauty of rafting in Trabzon and are ready to share their experience. Positive reviews speak for themselves – this is an exciting and unforgettable pastime for everyone who is ready to cope with the waves and experience real adrenaline.

Preparing for Rafting in Turkey: Tips and tricks

Before you go rafting in Trabzon, it is worth knowing what to take with you on this adventure. Light clothing that will not constrain your movements will be very appropriate. Don't forget about sunscreen – being active outdoors can be deservedly sunny. Water, snacks and a good mood are also must-haves for rafting in Turkey.

Price of Rafting in Trabzon: Affordable pleasure

How much does rafting cost in Turkey? Question about price – one of the first that arise before travelers. Rafting in Trabzon on the river combines an affordable price and an unforgettable experience. The cost of rafting in Trabzon may vary depending on the chosen program and the duration of the route, but in general it remains quite attractive for anyone who wants to try this exciting activity.

Turkey Rafting Tour: Adrenaline and Fun

Rafting in Trabzon – this is not just extreme, but also a unique excursion into the world of adventure. In the company of experienced instructors, you will get acquainted with the basics of rafting and learn how to manage rafting on the river. This is an opportunity not only to experience adrenaline, but also to gain new knowledge and skills that may be useful in the future.

Rafting in Trabzon: From Experienced Instructors to Gorgeous Scenery

River rafting in Trabzon – this is not just rafting, this is a real journey into the world of extreme sports and natural beauty. Experienced instructors will help you safely and confidently overcome water obstacles, and the picturesque landscapes around will make your adventure unforgettable. Rafting in Trabzon – this is a unique opportunity to feel like a part of nature and take advantage of its gifts for outdoor activities.

White river rafting in Trabzon: A Place for Adventure

Trabzon – this is the place where dreams of exciting adventures come true. White river rafting in Trabzon this is just one of the many activities that you can try here. If you are looking for an opportunity to feel alive, overcome the limits of your abilities and enjoy nature in all its glory, then rafting in Trabzon is just for you.

Where to Find Rafting in Trabzon?

If you are wondering "where is the rafting in Trabzon" don't worry – this adventure awaits you right here in this magical corner of Turkey. The rafting sites in Trabzon are carefully chosen to ensure safety and an unforgettable experience. All information about the location and the rafting program is available from the Minister Tours.

In conclusion, rafting in Trabzon – this is not just an active pastime, it is an opportunity to be transported into the world of emotions, adrenaline and the beauty of nature. Regardless of experience and age, rafting in Trabzon will be an unforgettable adventure for you that will leave vivid memories for years to come.

Rafting in Trabzon,Storm valley rafting Trabzon

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20 person
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Free Double Boats

Rafting in Trabzon price 2024

Adult 20 £
Kids (6-12 ) 10 £
Infants (0 -5) Free

Rafting in Trabzon programm

  • Rafting in Trabzon starts gathering tourists from hotels
  • Arrival at the base in the Aydar region
  • Detailed instruction from guides
  • Issuance of protective equipment (helmets, life jackets)
  • Command Distribution
  • Start of the rafting tour in Trabzon
  • First part of Firtina Valley rafting
  • Swimming stop on the bank of a picturesque mountain river
  • Second part of the river rafting
  • Stop for lunch at a restaurant overlooking a picturesque canyon
  • The third part of the alloy
  • Return to base
  • Return to hotels

Rafting in Trabzon details

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours 08:00 — 19:00
Includes transfer, insurance, support of local guides throughout the route, detailed briefing, rent of a raft and protective equipment
Excludes drinks, professional photos and videos (optional)
Don't Forgets Bring comfortable rubber shoes that won't slip off your feet. Do not worry about electronic equipment , you can take them with you and leave them in waterproof safes on the boat

Storm valley rafting Trabzon

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