Turkey to Greece day trips

Turkey to Greece day trips are visiting by boat the legendary Christian locations on the beautiful Greek islands, among which there is even the legendary Kos, where Hippocrates was born and conducted his scientific activities. An inexpensive tours allows guests to take a ferry ride on the sea and at the same time see places with a completely different culture.

From Turkey to Greece day trips by ferry – this is a wonderful two-in-one boat tour that combines a relaxing ride on the waves with a rich historical program. The culture of these two countries is fundamentally different from each other, which will allow guests to expand the boundaries of their knowledge, because the culture of Turkey reflects the traditions of Islam, while Christianity dominates in Greece.

Can you get to Greece from Turkey?

Is it possible to travel from Turkey to Greece? Of course, because the opportunity for such interesting trips appeared due to the convenient geographical position of the islands and the mainland. You can visit such locations as Rhodes, Kos, Samos and Chios. So, the beautiful Greek islands in the east of the Aegean Sea are just an hour away by ferry. For example, the distance from mainland Turkey to Kos – the birthplace of Hippocrates himself – is only 20.5 kilometers.

Turkey to Greece by ferry

How to get to Greece from Turkey? In the summer season, every guest of the Turkish coast can make a pilgrimage by ferry to such desirable locations, but it is worth remembering that tourists from not from European countries need a Schengen visa to visit Greek territory. Fortunately, it is easily and quickly issued with the help of our managers in just a couple of days in the format of a short-term entry permit. Up-to-date information on this issue should be clarified with the manager before booking tours from Turkey to Greece and the Greek islands.

Turkey to Greece distance

The Greek island of Samos is 3 km away from the Turkish city of Kuşadası. This distance is 5.5 in nautical miles.This distance can be covered by boat in a maximum of 45 minutes.

Can you see Greece from Turkey

Yes, Greece can be seen from Turkey. The most famous view of the islands is the view of the Greek island of Lesbos (Midilli) from Turkey's Ayvalik town.

Turkey to Greece by sea

Which seas will be sailed to the destination? These are the picturesque Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. Day trip from Turkey to Greece by boat allow you to see the beautiful old streets in just a few hours and return back to your hotels on the same day.

How to get to Greece islands from Turkey?

How to get to Kos from Turkey? Most often, guests leave from Bodrum, which is why they use the ferries of Bodrum Express Lines. In order to land on one of them, you need to find the Turgutreis marina within the city of Bodrum and be there in the morning. Ferry schedule to Greece looks like this – daily from Monday to Friday three times at 9:25. However, this schedule is relevant only in the summer season, namely from May to October. In general, ferries also depart from the ports of Marmaris, Kusadasi and Cesme. However, in order to be sure of the availability of a ticket and the time of arrival, it is better to trust professionals and visit tours in the format of an organized excursion, where all these moments are already thought out to the smallest detail.

Boat trips from Turkey to Greece

Turkey to Greece by boat is an exhilarating journey that unlocks a world of exploration and adventure. Our Turkey and Greece tours offer a seamless experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in the rich cultures of both countries. Hop aboard a Turkey to Greece ferry for a convenient and scenic voyage across the Aegean Sea. From day trips from Istanbul to Greece to exploring the enchanting Greek islands near Turkey, there's no shortage of wonders to discover. Experience the thrill of Istanbul to Greece by boat, witnessing stunning coastal vistas along the way. With a mere 45-minute travel time and a distance of just 3 km between Turkey and Greece by boat, you'll be marveling at the beauty of Greece in no time. Can you see Greece from Turkey? Yes, and our expertly crafted travel packages ensure you make the most of your journey. Start planning your unforgettable Turkey to Greece adventure today.

Bodrum to Kos Island

Kos Island from Bodrum tour by ferry is a good chance to combine two countries in one vacation, which will allow you to expand your horizons and update your historical knowledge for the whole family ...

price : 40£

Rhodes from Didim

Rhodes from Didim is a profitable one-day trip for the whole family, allowing you to get to know a little part of Greece and its magnificent ancient history. ...

price : 80£

Ferry Ticket to Rhodes from Didim

Ferry Ticket to Rhodes from Didim is an opportunity to reach one of the most famous islands with the help of a huge ferry that slowly sails through the azure waters near the region of Didim. ...

price : 80£

Aegean Islands tour from Kusadasi

The Aegean Islands tour from Kusadasi is a truly exciting summer boat trip with stops in the most iconic bays in the region, which are famous for their unique flora and fauna throughout the world. ...

price : 50£

Bodrum Aegean Islands boat tour

Bodrum Aegean Islands boat tour – a leisurely yacht trip that will take guests to a desert island with azure waters, clean beaches and schools of colored fish ...

price : 25£

Island of Patmos from Bodrum

Island of Patmos from Bodrum Turkey this is a tour by ferry to charming places that will help you get to know the culture of the ancient world and several empires at once. ...

price : 100£

Bodrum to Symi Island

An excursion to the island of Symi from Bodrum by ferry is a stunning mix of beautiful wildlife and a huge number of historical sights, mainly ancient medieval temples. Day trip from Turkey to Greece. ...

price : 80£

Bodrum to Rhodes day trip

Bodrum to Rhodes day trip by ferry this is a great option to travel to a completely different country and culture, which will make tourists really feel like every local location and event ...

price : 80£

Kusadasi to Samos day trip

Kusadasi to Samos day trip by ferry this is an incredibly bright tour to one of the most beautiful Greek islands by boat to plunge into the colorful culture, taste the local cuisine and see the most famous historical locations ...

price : 45£

Fethiye to Rhodes

Fethiye to Rhodes island by ferry this is a fascinating tour into the vibrant and historically eventful culture of Greece, during which guests will visit the temple of Aphrodite, local castles and fortresses, and of course taste the most delicious local dishes from fresh fish. The local nature and the purest sea will not leave anyone indifferent. ...

price : 45£

Izmir to Greece islands

Let us whisk you away on unforgettable journeys from Izmir to Greece islands. Start captivating tours from Izmir to Greece island paradises. Wondering how to traverse from Izmir to Greece islands? Opt for the scenic route via Piraeus port, experiencing the Izmir Turkey to Greece maritime adventure. See the beauty of Kos Island, with ferry tours departing conveniently from Izmir. Delight in family- ...

price : 40£

Rhodes from Marmaris

Rhodes from Marmaris is a great opportunity to diversify your holiday, relax not only physically, but also culturally.

Ferry to Rhodes from Marmaris

Marmaris Rhodes Ferry Ticket is a tour of the history of urban planning, to the land of Olympic games winner Diagor of Rhodes, knights-hospitaliers and a visit to the Valley of butterflies.

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