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Alanya to Istanbul - By visiting this tour with an air flight, you will have a chance to get acquainted with the most famous historical places of Istanbul in one day - Hagia Sophia mosques, Topkapi Palace, etc. At the end, you will have a along the waters of the Bosphorus boat trip.

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Alanya to Istanbul - a journey into the heart of Turkey and the unchanging cultural capital of the country. Turkey is an amazing country, which is quite difficult to explore in one vacation, to see all its small towns and nooks and crannies. But you have an attractive opportunity to go on an excursion to the very heart of this amazing area - the capital of Turkey, Istanbul. For one day you can get into the city, where every corner and street is saturated with history and traditions. This place has long been the capital of a huge number of empires that existed in different periods of history.

Istanbul city history: emperors, sultans, rulers

Interesting fact: Throughout its existence, Istanbul changed hands a huge number of times, it was ruled by Roman emperors (there were 10), Ottoman sultans (30) and as many as 80 Byzantine rulers . Each era left an imprint of its culture in it, which is why this place is so unique.

The excursion Alanya to Istanbul will begin with the fact that you will be picked up from the hotel to be taken to the airport (you can find out how much to fly from Alanya to Istanbul from your guide). Immediately after arrival, you will be met by our local guide who will accompany you throughout the day.

Trip to Istanbul from Alanya

The first point of trip to Istanbul from Alanya is the Topkapi Palace, which was one of the main ones during the existence of the Ottoman Empire. You will have time to visit the palace itself and stroll through the gardens that surround it. By the way, they were planted on the orders of the great rulers of the Ottoman Empire and they carry a reminder of the absolute power of the monarchs. On our website you can get information on current prices in Alanya and read reviews on Excursions in Alanya and reviews on excursions to Istanbul.

Interesting fact: the city was never officially renamed, it's just that the Greeks always called it Constantinople and still call it, and the Turks called it Istanbul.

Excursion from Alanya to Istanbul - The second point of the tour is visiting the Hagia Sophia. Initially, it was a temple where Orthodox residents of the capital of the empire could come, but after a certain time it became a mosque. Today it is a museum, which is both a monument of architecture and history. After visiting the Cathedral, you will have lunch, where you can enjoy traditional Turkish dishes.

Alanya Turkey to Istanbul

After a break, the second part of the Istanbul tour from Alanya begins. A visit to the hippodrome, which is located on Sultanahmet Square, is planned. This historical monument was erected back in 203 AD by order of Emperor Septimius Severus. In those days, it was used for chariot races, a popular entertainment for the emperor himself and the crowd. Today, only columns and obelisks remain here, which take us back to those times.

Interesting fact: The Bosphorus separates the two continents of Europe and Asia, in this place for 9 years they built an underground tunnel for trains, this is the deepest tunnel in the world.

The last points of the excursion from Alanya to Istanbul are visiting the Blue Mosque and the Egyptian Bazaar.

Where to go on an excursion from Alanya, you can ask our guides who will be happy to tell you about all the routes. In addition, they will instruct you on each trip so that you know

Alanya Istanbul distance

The distance between Alanya and Istanbul is 804 km. It takes about an hour to fly and a bus ride takes an average of 14 hours

Advice: if your vacation falls in autumn-spring, we advise you to come to Istanbul for a week or two to enjoy the ancient city to the full in comfortable weather for walking. You will not be able to  hurrying to visit interesting sights and try various drinks that are drunk during these seasons.

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175£ person
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Entrance fees are already Included

Alanya to Istanbul price 2024

Adult 175£
Kids (3-12 ) 175£
Infants (0 -2) Free

Alanya to Istanbul programm

  • Our excursion to Istanbul from Alanya begins with picking up our special guests from their Hotels.
  • Heading up to the airport and departing to Istanbul.
  • Upon arrival, the visitors will meeting our guide at the Istanbul airport.
  • We will start our tour by visiting some of the beautiful and famous places in Istanbul, such as:
  • Sultan Ahmet Mosque.
  • Hippodrome.
  • The German Fountain in Istanbul.
  • Have a tasty lunch at a local restaurent.
  • Taking free time in Sultan Ahmet Square.
  • Visiting the Barn Topkapi.
  • Visiting Hagia Sophia Mosque.
  • There will be free time for the guests in the Egyptian Bazzar.
  • Boat tour on the Bosphorus.
  • Have a delicious dinner.
  • Concluding our tour and departing to Istanbul Airport.
  • Arrival at Antalya Airport and re-transfer our dear clients to their Hotels.

Alanya to Istanbul details

Tour daysSaturday
Tour hours 03:00 — 24:00
Includes All transfers, round trip airline tickets, boat tour, guide services, all entrance tickets to the places mentioned in the program, dinner.
Excludes Drinks, lunch, entrance ticket to Topkapi Harem.
Don't Forgets Passport, sunglasses, comfortable clothes and shoes, sunscreen, camera, water.

Comfortable morning departures, so you have more time to walk around the city.

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