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Kargicak things to do, day trips, and tours await you in this picturesque corner of Turkey. Prospect Kargicak's hidden gems with our expertly crafted excursions. Whether you're seeking cultural immersion or adrenaline-pumping adventures, our Kargicak tour organization has you covered. Find out the wonders of Kargicak and beyond with Minister Tours Travel Agency. From day trips to Alanya to immersive activities in Turkiye, unlock unforgettable experiences in Kargicak and create timeless memories.

Kargicak excursions

Kargicak excursions: Just 16 km from the hospitable Alanya is a small cozy village that is called Kargicak, which became famous for its calm sea and perfectly clean sandy beaches. Calm and measured town is perfect for a comfortable family vacation, especially with young children. Its main advantage is the close proximity to Alanya - the center of the resort region, where the most famous attractions and entertainment for the whole family are located.The village development of Kargicak began its resort development relatively recently, therefore all the hotels here are new and equipped with the latest modern architecture and style. Their vast territories are buried in lush green palm trees and conifers, and the infrastructure is actively developed and will appeal to the most demanding tourists. All Kargicak Excursions can booked free in our website.

Kargicak excursions

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Kargicak places to visit: To diversify your measured beach holiday, the tourist is offered a huge choice of Excursions in Kargicak for every taste and budget. Since the village is not so far from Alanya, the range of tours coincides with the list of walks available for booking from the resort center of the region. Adults and young children will love the active jeep safari or yachting in the Mediterranean, and history lovers will not remain indifferent to the picturesque beauty of snow-white Pamukkale or Cappadocia. Located at the very foot of the majestic Taurus Mountains, this village hospitably opens its doors to tourists from all countries of the world who want to spend their holidays here comfortably and economically. All you have to do is make a reservation on the website. We will contact you immediately, inform you pick-up time from the hotel and we will be waiting for you front of the hotel on time the tour day.

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Find out the wonders of Kargicak and beyond with Minister Tours

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